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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by wonderpie, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Hey fellas. Im a new member, first post. Question.... I have a plant that is 2 weeks and 3 days old. 6 days ago i transplanted it, so it was less than 2 weeks old..just a baby..anywho the transplant went fine but the stem was rather long, slightly weak...everything was going well until I had to readjust the lights and accidentally the light cord struck across the plant stem and it just went limp. it didnt BREAK it but there was no support. All i could think of doing was spread some soil about a half inch deep securely around the stem to keep it upright. From what I remember, it is not good to put too much soil above from where the plant has allready grown, so heres my question. Is it ok to support the plant this way and just watch for a another few weeks or do I need to support it with popsickle stick, ect? It hasnt dimenished in growth or anything but its stem isnt looking nearly as good as the other plant that was born on the same day, and it is still very weak. I blow on it lightly a few times a week to condition it and strenghten it. Will this help? How might I know if the plant will make it and do any of you know how long it takes for a plant in this stage to heal and regain support. Will the dirt I have supporting it make it worse? LoL ,ok lotsa questions but first time grower. One thing ive learned is to definatley NOT transplant until the plants are somewhat gonna wait to do the other one. Thanks for listenin!
  2. here's what to do........plant it deeper into the soil.....or add more soil till it's just covered the cotlydons (the 2 little round leaves that grow first) and keep the soil tight to the stem, so as the badlyu damaged but is under the soil............that will work, and in approx 1 week, it'll be better.

    or use a stick and gently attach it to the stick with some string, and also have a fan on your plants while the lights are on, as it will strengthen the stem the best..........hope that helps you............Peace out.............Sid
  3. lol....damn shade, you should be in your your gonna try and outlast me, you'll fall's 10.10am here lol..............Peace out..........Sid
  4. sidious and 420...thanks. very useful information. I think my baby is gonna be JUST FINE! I had a dream last night for the first time about that plant and in my dream it was about 4 feet tall. LoL. and this morning it was incredible. it shot up over an inch in width. hehehe..the little devil...
    The one thing i didnt know about was covering the dirt over the little leaves at the of now they are about an inch above the ya think i should cover that? Sid, you say yay, 420 says keep an inch below the dirt? Curioius about both your replies. I gotta get a Dig. cam so I can start taking pictures. Oh yea, and more thing i wanna run by other plant seems to have a purpleish tint in the stems now whereas the injured one is still a bright green. I figure its due to the small setback in maturity. Any thoughts? Thanks guys. have a SMOOOOKKKIN sunday!
  5. i think you may find that shade means the same as i said, he say's 1" from the first set of leaves......most growers don't consider the cotlydons to be the first of leaves.........some describe the the new second set of leaves as it's "first real set".......either way, you don't need to cover them if you don't want to......but they will have no further use, it's just better for support at the moment, to have the soil as close to the real set of leaves (jagged/serated) for the young one having a purple stem, i wouldn't worry about it.....most probably just the strain, keep a closer eye on the leaf's and their condition..........Peace out.........Sid
  6. Right on!
    Taking the advice, hopes are HIGH...hehe
    I'll be in touch.
    Peace 2 ya's
  7. give it some root stimulator. its nothing to worry about unless the tissue has been ripped or punktured. those things take a licking and keep on ticking.

  8. did you read the date of the last post in this thread(the one befor yours)????????

    i dont think so............

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