Inherited my best friends 6 plants, need advice please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Oldsmobile guy, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Hey all, so I'm new here but have been to the site a thousand times now. So my longest running since I was 5, so for 21 never flaky years now very best friend Brad just died 2 Saturdays ago in a tragic accident where he flipped his jeep...his wife barely got out but couldn't get him out... But It's been fucking horrible. . But his other even longer known best friend, his dad, asked me personally to take care of his 6 plants of 8 weeks old at the time that he had in his back yard, beings him and I grew indoors in my basement years before and that we've been talking a lot as always about the formula he thought up I of course gratefully accepted. This was to be his ku de' gra grow.. I have gave them nutrients in ph'd water 4 times now every other day since I first started attending them like Brad so wanted me to do anyways just never worked out like that, but starting I beleive 4 days after his death.. 20190710_191738.jpg 20190710_191710.jpg but I've been giving them 2, 5 gallon buckets of ph'd water with one having 25ml koolbloom, 30ml CALiMAG, 25ml floramicro, 35ml armor SI, 5ml of I think it's hammerhead 4k-20? The nutes are at his dad's so I don't have them all in front of me, but my question is I just started today with adding the blooming additions also and the before list isn't complete totally but basically is 10 weeks to late to start the blooming nutes? Thanks for reading everyone, I miss that guy more the anything ❤️ 20190710_191738.jpg 20190710_191710.jpg
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  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. Totally tragic.
    Grow these beauties out in his honor.
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  3. Sorry to here about ya buddy ..My regards

    some calmag for your babes, being past the solstice and all

    good luck
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