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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ayume, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Whats the easiest way to teach someone how to inhale? See I inhale by taking a drag of the joint and then taking another drag of normal air. Works for me and then my other friend sayys he does it by sucking it like a straw. I was like "WTF?"..
    I'm not that big of a smoker, so can anyone tell me some inhaling techniques and explain things like a "French inhale"?
  2. Well you can take your hit, keep it in your mouth, then open your mouth and inhale some air.As for french inhale you just take a hit keep it in your mouth, then you open your mouth a bit and suck from your nose.
  3. LOL. What's up with these threads on inhaling? Easiest way-

    1- Put blunt/pipe to lips

    2- breathe in through your mouth as much as you can without coughing

    3- get bombed

    Inhaling air after a hit gets all the smoke left on top in your lungs. You save a bit more bud. It matters more for bowls than rolling.
  4. Yeah, take your hit from pipe/joint, whatever. Then, pretend you are coming up from air from the deep end on the swimming pool. Like your life depends on it! :)
  5. Yeah i suck it like a straw and then breath in, seems to work well for me.
  6. I normally take a hit, take in some air, and then take another hit
  7. The French inhale is a trick one can perform while smoking. One takes a deep drag, then while the mouth is open and smoke is wafting out, one inhales through the nose, thus inhaling the smoking drifting from the mouth. Some people refer to this trick as an Irish Waterfall because the smoke appears to be flowing uphill (a reference to the old jokes that anything Irish is backwards).
    This trick is often performed in conjunction with the smoke ring.


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