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Inhaling the correct way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Often times when I smoke with my friends I get alot higher way before them and they like to joke how i'm a lightweight and what not, which i may be. But, I feel like i'm one of few friends who inhales correctly. Alot of my friends just take pussy hits or don't hold it in or inhale incorrectly, what gets you the most high. Most people don't have to smoke that much, if you just inhale correctly, i wish more people did. Does anyone else have this issue when smoking with other people?
  2. how old are you and your buddies ?
  3. we're all 20
  4. I hate people that don't inhale...I tell them to stop smoking the bud, and that they are wastes of the air that we all have to "share".
  5. I make sure to take a few deep breaths first, exhale all the air, then take a nice milky rip. I don't hold it in longer than five seconds however, longer than that the THC should have been absorbed and you are only doing harm to your lungs by keeping the excess smoke in there.
    As to the fact you get higher first maybe your tolerance hasn't been built up as much, but if they don't hit correctly then I'd assume they need to step up their game. I used to take good tokes and get there way faster than my friends, but that was early in my days with the stuff. As I grew my tolerance and tastes for the good greens grew.
  6. No when my friends and I started smoking together heavily back when we were in college, we all wanted to get high so we all made sure we were inhaling right
  7. One of my buddies, doesn't take that extra oxygen inhale that forces it all down into your lungs, every time he is done hitting, huge, mouth inhaled clouds come out and they make me cry. It then just leads to him asking to smoke another bowl even though we just smoked a shit ton and I am blitzed.
  8. when people don't inhale i don't let them smoke if its my bud. it's such a waste and a disappointment to see them do that and then complain about not being high.

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