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Inhaling techniques? For joint or pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBright, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So I have been trying to teach my cousin how to smoke weed for 2 weeks, It seems like his really trying hard and shit, but the thing is I seriously can't explain the inhalation process to him, like fucking Im telling him INHALE after u take 70% of the hit and 30% to take the rest, he does it inhales, then you see smoke seeping out of his nose and mouth like the smoke is still in his mouth..

    I think his problem is, He just cant seem to inhale right, like I think when he inhale through his nose he covers his throat so no smoke actually goes through.

    I told him to use his mouth to inhale and same shit happens.

    Is this guy purposely not inhaling ? or is he really having this much difficulty learning how to breath?
  2. Sounds to me like its intentional. But if he wants to, tell him to fill his mouth with smoke. pinch his nose and inhale using his mouth.
  3. inhale exhale blow it in the wind
  4. gravity bong. if that doesn't work, get a new friend
  5. just have him take a small hit and then open his mouth and inhale so hard and deep you can hear him. like hit joint, then hnngnggggghhhh inhale deeep!!

    or get him to toke from a bong, it's literally impossible to fuck up inhaling with a bong.
  6. Tell him to hit the bud (regardless of how youre smoking it) and once he thinks hes inhaled, before letting any smoke out, open your mouth and breathe in sharply.

  7. This was what I was doing but in a 50% way, I had him breath in till I could hear his breath, but once he smoked, I couldn't hear it what so ever. You gave me a better idea, I told him to try and breath through his mouth and he does it, he told me its easier to do it sitting down, when he stands he can't inhale deeply.

    But im gonna try your way =)
  8. all u have to do is tell him to breathe in again once he gets the smoke in his mouth...
  9. Treat smoke like its air.
    Breathe it in like a normal breath while hitting then take a big inhale to push it all down.
    Hold your breathe for a few seconds, then exhale.

    If you can't do this you deserve to be smacked across the face. This isn't rocket science or sum shit.

  10. Thats whats fraustrating me lol, I cant figure out if his faking or trying. if his faking im gonna stop his ass from wasting, but if his actually trying then I want him to feel the goodness of the herb.
  11. [quote name='"JBright"']

    Thats whats fraustrating me lol, I cant figure out if his faking or trying. if his faking im gonna stop his ass from wasting, but if his actually trying then I want him to feel the goodness of the herb.[/quote]

    Gravity bong or regular bong or steamroller

    He might be a little nervous about what it's like to be high.. Those won't give him the option lmao
  12. I smoked with a girl who couldn't hit a bong. She just couldn't inhale properly, I have no clue why. It was pretty embarrassing for her considering she was talking all this and that about how she smoked all the time.

    To describe the process, tell your cousin that first you hit it like your sucking through a straw, and then breathe in like your smelling something but with your mouth.
  13. I had a friend just like this, when he tried hitting my double bubbler he would exhale and i was like WTF?? He blew out 4 bowls until i told him he just fails and to not smoke ever.
  14. #14 OriginUnknown, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
    To be honest I don't understand how to NOT inhale. I have to purposefully try to not inhale and even then some still gets inhaled. So basically he's either faking or retarded.

    Edit: Though, thinking back I didn't really get it the first time I smoked a joint, I think I swallowed some.
    Damn, I guess you are right, it is difficult to explain inhaling haha.
  15. Give him a shotty. I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to inhale that.
  16. they way i learned was this...tell him to pretend he was about to go gotta inhale...hold..then exhale...he doesnt really have to smoke some then inhale can jus take one big hit!
  17. Dang alot of these suggestions are great, but I have already used them before I read these,

    SO the only way to see if his legit is to wait till my black leaf bong comes from GC hopefully it arrives soon.
  18. It's an issue with inhaling without the use of ones diaphragm, breathing/singing/speaking with your diaphragm is an area where a lot of people make their living on teaching people how to correctly do it. It's very understandable that people will react by not using their diaphragm to breathe when they are faced with smoking for the first times. When you start to think about how to breathe and inhale you start to suck in air with your chest instead of using your diaphragm one of the most powerful muscles in your body with no nerve endings so you can't feel it.

    To properly inhale you want to use your diaphragm the same way you use it to breathe when you are just sitting there not thinking about breathing. The diaphragm works like a vacuum. To teach someone to properly inhale just tell them to inhale the hit in the same way they would just be taking a breathe, not to actively think about what is occurring, a good trick a lot of people use it to take a breathe after you've taken the hit and let some air help get it down into your lungs.
  19. My first problems were that I was inhaling too hard and the smoke was burning my throat and simply too hot and harsh. I slouch and am not a very big dude and I tend to barely be able to inhale a hit if I'm hunched over when I hit a pipe.

    To get comfortable big hits, I have to sit up straight, be relaxed (i.e. friends not giving me shit), suck the smoke into my mouth first (as I used to suck it straight down my throat and caught some bad cherries in my throat that way), then when the cherry has either died or I've got enough smoke/it's too hot, I open my mouth a bit and suck air into my mouth with force like a vacuum and then I continue to inhale air into my lungs as possible, or until it feels that the smoke is deep in my lungs, I exhale.

    I've had some weed that was dank but made me cough up a lung and want to puke off one hit from a bubbler.

    I dunno man, roll up a joint, tell him to draw on it like a he's sipping a soda, tell him to feel the smoke entering his mouth and then when he is ready to take joint out of his mouth, suck in a lungfull of air and then let it out no sooner than 3 seconds after it's entered in his chest.
  20. It's your cousin, so this shouldn't be so weird.

    Shotgun him.

    If not, just tell him to breath through his mouth, not through his nose while smoking.

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