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Inhaling From A Pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tmgrg, May 27, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this is a really novice question, I usually only smoke joints. I'm just moving on to pipes, and was wondering how you inhale? First time I tried I did it like I would a cigarette, fill my mouth then take a breath but this didn't feel like a decent hit. Then I exhaled all the air from my lungs put my mouth to the pipe and inhaled as much as I could hold, but this felt very harsh on my throat. Which would you say is the right way?
  2. I personally prefer the 'cigarette' way. If you feel you don't have enough smoke in your lungs after the first hit, why don't you just take a second hit before exhaling? 
  3. Well that's what I was doing at first, and I just thought there must be a better way to do it.
  4. If you don't hold the flame on the herb long enough, you will get smaller hits.
  5. I thought that's what you were supposed to do, that's how I do it, just take big hits
  6. Uhm once you remove your finger from the choke and inhale fresh air will always rush into your lungs. That Easy sir
  7. I always smoke from pipes, I actually can't get high from joints. I always inhale and I will get a little air either by unplugging the hole with my thumb for a second or through the sides of my mouth that way it gets into my lungs, then I always leave room for another breath after my hit to make sure it's in my lungs. Worst case is you get too big of a hit and cough, but I always find coughing makes me feel higher so it's a win for me haha. Good luck, I prefer pipes, you don't waste weed and your fingers don't smell near as bad, besides there is resin for the off chance you go dry.
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    Only light the bowl enough to get part of it burning, then take short puffs on it and exhale, each time igniting a bit more weed. Take it slow.
    Don't light the whole bowl and pull it all through like a bong.
  9. When you hit a bowl, don't collect the smoke in your mouth, rather just breath in like a straw. If you only use your mouth, you won't get a big hit if not any hit at all.
  10. I do a mix of both.  I mostly just inhale it to my lungs.  Be sure to hold the flame on the herb for a little so you can get bigger hits.  when you take the lighter off keep inhaling and take your finger off the choke.  This will bring in more air and rush the smoke in your lungs.  Also be aware that if you take your finger off the choke and your bud is ground up, there is a chance some might pull though and thats not fun.
  11. I'll do the cigarette way if I'm trying to french inhale or blow a blob of smoke and suck it back in, but other than that I'll just inhale like I'm sucking in air.
  12. Look on google how to "Puff" a tobacco pipe, primarily the same way. 
  13. I feel like the "cig" way wouldn't get the optimal amount of thc in the lungs, but I suppose it's a personal preference.

    My method:
    1. Light, holding carb
    2. Stop lighting when the weed has a nice burn
    3. Inhale until mouth/throat starts to get warm (the warmer, the bigger the hit generally).
    3. Release carb, inhaling fresh air
    4. Do a short series of quick holds and releases until your lungs fill or you can't hold anymore smoke
    5. Take mouth off of pipe, inhale fresh air (to get everything left over in your mouth to your lungs)
    6. Exhale
    Lol now that I type it out it looks super complicated. I should make a video :ey:
  14. Best way I found to prevent that is plug the hole at the bottom of the bowl with a small nug then pack the rest of the bowl with ground up bud.
    lol I do every step you just mentioned in that exact sequence.
  15. I tried this, this is what I meant by burning my throat. So that's a good thing? Thanks :)
    I don't do that but I know people that do and yes i would suggest doing that if you don't want it to pull though.  It doesn't pull though that much for me but it does from time to time.
  17. I've got a hand made wooden pipe I made with no carb so my methods are different.

    Works best to corner the bowl so you're getting partially green hits which aren't as harsh to me.

    I pack the bottom of my bowl really tight so the hole gets a filter of sorts from the resin soaked weed. It also helps to avoid sucking too hard on the pipe. Nothing worse that sucking up burning embers.

    Tease out the hit with a slow draw, smoke will cool a bit and it'll be more potent. After you get that hit take the pipe out of your mouth an suck down some cool air. This should shot gun all the smoke in to your lungs and cool down your throat.

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