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Inhaling deeper

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by e4ic, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Every time I smoke out of my bowl it feels like I can only inhale the smoke into the very top of my lungs and then I just cough it up in like half a second, it isn't fun because it takes like 4 of these hits for me to actually get high and I haven't been smoking long at all :eek:

    Should I just try to pack the bowl better so it can get better airflow or could I be doing something else wrong?
  2. Drink water while smoking that'll definitely ease the 'pain'. If you're packing really tight bowls, then it could be that you're getting a large concentration of smoke when you're pulling it. If you grind it up, take an easier hit because it's easier to pull more when it's fluffed up. I used to cough like no other when I started smoking, so it could definitely be you just need to earn your lungs. :p
  3. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll grind it up better next time.
  4. What are you smoking out of? A pipe?
  5. try taking like a third of a normal hit for you then sucking in some air then a third then air etc that might help.
  6. Speaking of coughing, I've heard that coughing the smoke actually gets you higher as you do it. Maybe not as high as actually inhaling deeply and just letting it out smoothly, but I've heard that coughing isn't nearly as wasteful as I've expected to believe. Although it does scar up your throat to a degree.

    Is there any truth to that?
  7. What I always did was take a hit (one that would make you cough) and hold my hand over my mouth when I wanted to cough. I would keep my hand over my mouth til i felt enough and then exhale it out. Have a drink with you after, water is fine but I did Arnold Palmers or some sort of Arizona teas because it coats the throat better. Also, when you think you're going to cough, cover your mouth and let it come out of your nose, then hold in what you can.Another tip is inhaling air and smoke at the same time. When hitting the pipe, keep a corner of your mouth open for air to enter, it'll be smoother. I didn't really cough much when I first started smoking but after I started smoking a bit, the coughing got worse and this is what helped. Eventually you'll just stop coughing. :D
    Good luck my friend.
    P.S. Coughing isn't the worst thing in the world either, keep that in mind.
  8. that happens to me when i smoke from a dry piece. I suggest a bong or a bub, when i started using bongs, it solved my problems with that.. i think its just because the smoke is too hot..
  9. Yep, a pipe

    good idea, thanks

    I've heard that too but I don't think that you really do get higher, I may be wrong though.
  10. You can use bobthehobos suggestion through 'throttling' the carb. Flick your thumb off and on the carb to alternate cooler air from bowl air - that'll definitely make the hit more tolerable.

    The coughing myth is simply that, a myth. All a lot of coughing will do, in the end, is give you a headache.
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    I learned a cool trick in my noobie days.

    What Lietogetasmile said.

    Except I just take in air through my nose. Also throttle the carb. You can get a little more smoke that way but at the same time I think that also fills your lungs with air and not smoke.

    Anothet trick I learned. Is to aim the flow of smoke so the main blast is hitting the tip of your tounge, and then it goes down in to your lungs. It helps out the pain in your throat.

    You should always try and get some fresh air during a hit though. Lungs totally filled with smoke is a bad thing. I was taking hits so big in my early days that I would get somewhat dizzy/lightheaded from the lack of oxygen (either that or it was the weed going straight to my brain)

    Always keep a drink handy if you plan on taking some serious rips.

    Honestly though bro. If youre like me, once you get blazed enough, the pain you feel in your chest from some hard rips feels realllll nice. Gotta love the chest irritation.

    Dont think you ever have to clear a hit on the first time.

    You can always just get your first pull, leave the rest in, blow out, get the rest.

    The smoke will stale a little but its okay.

    I definetly recommend a bubbler.

    The one I currently have (Alien Penis - see my sig) is a perfect bubbler.

    It has flat areas on the bottom to sit it down. Nice big chamber. Good sized bowl. Pretty thick glass. Its fumed, and the color isnt bad at all. Hits like a champ. Hope I have it till I die. The neck is also wide and long enough to hold smoke on the inside, so I can milk it and rip it.

    Bubs are the best way to go if you dont want to deal with a bong, spoons are too harsh, but still you want a smooth hit.
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    thanks for all the input, I think pack a few bowls and try lie's idea and also bob's.

    also thanks for that trick high iq.
  13. take smaller hits and inhale deep. thats better than taking huge rips and coughing it out. drink a milkshake or something before, that usually helps people who aren't used to the smole. think the liquids coat the back of your throat or something so it feels less harsh :\ once you get used to it it's all good
  14. interesting.... makes me think how ive grown adapted to be able to take huge deep hits..

  15. I take the biggest rips now and think theyre tiny.

    But compared to my first rips. WOW.
  16. I used to have that problem, but I found that if you inhale a bit of smoke, then shotgun it with a breath of air it isn't a problem.

    But don't worry, the more you smoke the less trouble you'll have. After about 3 months I could just take a straight hit. I think it's a common problem for new smokers.
  17. i remember very well what it was like to toke when i first started, take smaller hits, and then inhale them deeper, that way you arent wasting all the smoke that you cough out. you gotta start small dude, keep doin that then eventually youl just pull the whole thing through. it
  18. ok, when you cough, it means that you inhaled thc which is good, that means you get a good hit, everyone coughs. but when you COUGH like full out for a good 10 seconds or whatever you know what i mean, then it means you took a hit way to big for you, and coughing gets your blood pumping the tch throughout your body very fast and rapidly, and all through your lungs and shit, so coughing gets you fucked, as long as your inhaling all the smoke and not coughing and blowing out the stuff that just hovered in your mouth if u catch my drift.

    happy tokin
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    Leave just enough in your lungs, so that you can take a gasp of air to push the smoke down your lungs at the end of your hit

  20. I always do this. Good tip.

    Take a huge hit. Then try and squeeze that fresh air in. hold for at least 4 or 5 seconds and blow that shit out.

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