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inhaling burnt plant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. "According to numerous medical studies, Marijuana smoke does contain some of the same carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

    In fact, it was found that a joint contains four times the amount of tar as a tobacco cigarette."

    Aite, so i was wondering if this was true. There is no actual evidence to carcinogens in weed cause nobody has actually reported lung cancer because of toking.

    Nobody i know actually has wheezing fits, or bronchitis, or anything that would get in the way of their normal way of life by smoking

    so to what extent has toking affected your life? Does it affect your athletics?
  2. Cannabis smoke most definately contains carcinogens; in fact, all smoke does. The difference between tobacco and cannabis however, is that cannabis does not contain radioactive carcinogens, unlike tobacco, and THC seems to display a number of anti-cancer properties.
  3. ill tell you one thing, i cant run like i use to... blame that on increasing age or whatever, im just calling it like i see it.
  4. I've been smoking cannabis for over 30 years and in my early/mid 40's I have the lungs of an 18 year old. Mind you, I also work out and eat a mostly healthy diet, and I come from a line of healthy ancestors.

    All smoke is bad for the lungs. All smoke has carcinogens. Take care of your body and if you're worried about it then get a vaporizer.
  5. I think this happens to everyone eventually unless you really stay active. My dad is fairly old (51) and he can still compete with me (19) in a sprint.
  6. Yep. Typically after age 30 one starts to lose a little of their max potential every year, but the vast majority of people never even reach their full physical potential.

    When I get together and spar with younger 'kids' (20's-30's) I can outlast almost all of them. It really pays to stay in shape as one ages. At any age for that matter.
  7. Although i love them I'm really not surprised joints are so bad for you. I mean thats a lot of extra tar and burnt chemicals from the paper. simple solution is to use bubbler or bong. or even vape and always the edible route which sucks but is bettor then nothing.

  8. My Dad has been smoking since his late teens and he turned 60 this year...He can still outrun gives me a good laugh and pisses me off at the same time...

    I have been smoking herb for ~10 years and recently got bronchitis...I stopped smoking cigs a while ago and I notice a great gain in health after doing that and I wasn't even a heavy smoker. I don't wheeze like I used to and I find it easier to breathe...after stopping I find it hard to understand why cigs are legal and herb isn't...
  9. Good for you on quitting the cigs. I smoked them too for a few years. They are incredibly toxic. Once I quite my strength and stamina went back to my normal levels within months.
  10. Thank you. For me it wasn't an addiction, it was just a habit to avoid customers for 5 minutes at a time as I would seldom smoke at home...only at work or at the bar. After seeing how it was affecting my health and overall mood I decided enough is enough. Quiting was just a matter of throwing my last pack in the trash. :)
  11. im guessing those who marked "pretty noticable" used cigarettes/cigars
    and those who marked "lung cancer" were joking
  12. I died, but I still smoke weed errday..:smoke::smoke:
  13. Yea man, I'm training for football next year and smoke everyday. I can tell that my endurance has gotten pretty bad but my strength isn't affected.
  14. I die every time I smoke a bowl or bout of some fresh dank Hahaha does this count. I mean I still play basket ball for my school and also play football so its not bad.
  15. I find that I run better after blazing up. As for my lungs-I haven't noticed any negative or positive effects on them

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