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inhaling an all dat sht

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Florol, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Everyone I smoke with keep reminding me to hold the smoke in my lungs longer and breath in air right after breathing in the smoke. Is this absolutely necessary? It gets really annoying when everyone's like "dude you gotta hold it in longer you won't get high."

    I feel like it takes more time and effort to remember and do all that stuff. I usually just smoke weed like a cigarette but actually inhale the smoke completely and then breathe it out a second later.
  2. Necessary, no. Effective, undetermined. I mostly hear about 3-5 seconds holding it in is plenty and more than that doesn't help much, only harms your lungs.
  3. I typically take a hit and then inhale a bit of air to bring it into my lungs but some people do 'mouth smoking' similar to smoking cigars/cigs - really up to the user.

    (I never hold in my hit longer than 5 seconds...oxygen deprivation is some serious shit)
  4. ya after 5 seconds its pointless to keep holding. although i dont know if its actually damaging in any way its just not necessary. and taking a breath in after a hit just helps it go down smoother in my opinion, and makes sure you get all of it and none is stuck in your mouth or throat and not getting inhaled
  5. Studies have shown that holding in smoke of any type for longer amounts of time than necessary raises risk of cancer and blah blah other shit.

    A good rule of thumb is, each second, 99% of the remaining thc is absorbed. So after one second, you've got 99%. After two seconds, you've got 99.99%, 3, 99.9999% ect... So a second is fine.

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