Inhalents are fucked

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  1. Yo I was wondering if anyone saw that new Intervention episode where this girl was inhaling computer duster to get high. Her brain was fucked. She was also anorexic and cut herself. When I was in High School there were kids who did duster all the time during lunch and after school. Those fucken kids have no fucken idea what that does to your brain. And on top of that its completly legal. I mean what the fuck is up with that.
  2. Yeah I just saw that episode. She did ten cans of computer duster a day. That's like $20 worth. Damn bitch buy some herbs. :p
  3. :(

    Total bummer.
  4. thats an odd thing to get hooked on.....

    What channel does intervention come on?? I've seen it before, with oxy.... but its been a while...
  5. Ugh, I used to use duster frequently.

    Thank god that part of my life is over with.
  6. I just saw the info on that episode like 10 minutes ago. It comes on at 9 so I might check it out for a minute.
  7. What channel, fellow Californian? A&E?
  8. Yeah, A&E
  9. How the fuck isn't she dead?! That bitch has issues. I gotta see this episode. Fuck duster, I'll admit to having had tried it a couple times when I was a dumbass kid but all it ever did was make my voice sound like satan's. And that wasn't enough to make me wanna do it again.
  10. Thanks. I gave you a +rep. I love that show but usually too high to pay attention to what channel it's on (ironic)
  11. I did it once and it sucked balls. Me and my friend Kyees where blazing it up and shit but out no where we ran out of weed. We found a duster can under the computer table and I took the first hit and started laughing. It seemed like I was in a void for hours. Next she took a hit and her voice sounded super low and she was laughing like a fucken retard. I took another hit and i woke up covered in vomit. Kyees was freeking out cause she thought I died cause I was out for about ten minutes. I had no memory of throwing up. Fuck dat shit probably one of the dumbest things ive done in my life
  12. ya.......inhalants puts holes in ur brain
  13. I saw this episode a few hours ago. Damn, that poor girl! Smoking herb and sippin Alize is one thing, but inhalants, WHY? These things are pure chemicals which have no business in your body(alcohol is a chemical too, but it's semi-naturally derived). Every time she took hits of that duster, I just cringed and wondered how can she live with herself. Funny thing she don't look too bad, for an inhalant addict, but at the same time I can't blame her ex BF's for leaving. I just felt so sorry for her, I almost began to cry, and I'm not the kind of guy who cries often. It was just sooo disturbing, but I'm not such a saint myself being a caffeine fiend.
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    haha, speakin of, scott storch is totally bankrupt and hooked on duster.. i heard it on the local rap station, he bought lil kim i think a bentley as a gift, n it got fuckin repo'd haha

    one time i did a big hit of duster walkin down the hall in school, and my vision went totally red, haha i can imagine the glossy eyed blank blind stare i had, i walked past a teacher, n my friend who did the same thing started rollin down the lockers, and then he came to the end where theres an indent for the door, smacked into the door n fell on the ground

    haha n i heard the teacher goin "dan...... dan!" but i didnt understand that is what he was sayin, n then i hear my friend say "jesse you sound like a fuckin faggot" (this teacher talked with a really gay tone) he was our homeroom teacher
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    God damn, I can't find fuckin A&E, my ADD is way to fuckin bad... for real, I just got distracted by some shit on the news for like 15 minutes and forgot what I was doing...

    edit: god must love me, I turned to TV guide and it was right there.. right now theres an intervention on alcohol
  16. ^^ Yeah, I have a reminder set for the next one....
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    I'm watching it right now. This girl is fucking wacko if I've ever seen it.

    That's really fucked up that the perverted piece of shit didn't get convicted for molesting her and her sister.

    Edit: I've been watching it for a while now and this is pretty depressing, scary and just plain insane. I've never seen an addiction this fucked up in my entire life.

    Edit2: And the hospital said she wasn't a danger to herself?! She says she wants to die all the time, uses 8-12 cans of air duster a day, and has cuts all the way up her entire arm. Words cannot describe how stupid that is.
  18. I agree ^

    She had slices all the way up her arms. Scary shit, I never met anyone b4 that was addicted to inhalents.
  19. Air dusters are pretty much the dumbest shit anyone could ever use to get high.... I seriously pity anyone who does that shit, its pretty much asking for a dead brain. No way around it. Nitrous is nice tho in moderation :)
  20. i was reading up on hallucinogens and i heard theres a number of drugs that actually leave "pot holes" in your brain or something, take a look

    does anyone think this is legit info, i didnt think pcp and dxm would actually do this kind of shit.

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