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inhale while smoking or no???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GreenClerks22, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Hey just wondering when you smoke you inhale??

    with me i do inhale i smoke it just like a cig cause i roll it up in blunts.

    Basically what gets u more high?? lol
    inhale or dont?? (While smoking it in a blunt)

    p.s. my mom made me some smores, so good when you got the munchies lol :smoking::hello:
  2. are you stupid? is this serious?
  3. As your President once stated "Did I inhale .... That's the whole point". :smoke:
  4. Sir, if you're not trolling, then you're very misinformed. Please feel free to ask questions to get a better understanding on smoking procedure.

  5. well yea, the other day one of my friends said that it was bad to inhale like not healthy or something so thats why im asking on here
  6. [ame=]That's definitely a troll. - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Inhale, otherwise you are wasting your time money and reefer. :smoking:
  8. /facepalm
  9. #10 shroomkid, Nov 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 9, 2012

    think about it?

    if you didn't inhale you wouldn't feel shit. the way you feel the psychoactive effects of cannabis is by getting it into your body and to your brain, how would it be in your body if you blew it straight back out lol? it gets absorbed when smoked through lung tissue into the blood stream, then to the heart and brain. how would it ever get to the lungs if not inhaled?

    I suppose some drugs take effect through even skin contact with the drug, or just holding it in your mouth or licking up powder.

  10. It is not the healthiest way to consume the herb, but so far studies haven't show much of an issue from long time smokers of the herb (only). :smoke:

    Edited due to missing the age Po-Po question above.

    What grade are you in OP?
  11. Troll Alert
  12. Sometimes it's better to just not post in threads like these.

    I should take my own advice.
  13. If you don't inhale you don't get high.
  14. Someone can tell me they just got an ounce of Silverback Gorilla and I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. I have to call troll on this though.
  15. No, don't inhale. You'll fuck your lungs up.
  16. Damn all you guys sound like assholes that were born with a pipe in their hand and a stick up their ass.

    Yes, inhale.

  17. lmao.
  18. It doesn't make sense... What else are you supposed to do? You don't exhale... You 2 other options... Inhale or die of suffocation. I would choose inhale.
  19. Obvious troll is obvious. Trying to bring out the age police.

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