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Inhale question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canadian Bud, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. When you guys toke, do you fill about 80 percent of your lungs with smoke and then inhale a bit of air to push it down?
  2. inhale then inhale again to keep the smoke deep in those lungs.
  3. I actually inhale 93% then fill it up with fresh fucks me:smoke:
  4. For me to get fucked, it takes me about 97.5 % inhale to air ratio
  5. Yeah I do. I do it to make sure there isn't any leftover THC-filled smoke left in my mouth/trachea. ;)
  6. i inhale around 83% and then i exhale in steps. as in i exhale 20% then inhale again then exhale a little more then inhale etc. until i completely exhale. try it out, its pretty awesome:smoke:
  7. What kind of lungs you guys have that can tell how many percent you're inhaling weed smoke and stuff? Must be one high tech lung.
  8. you havent heard of digilungs?
  9. Digilungs? No. Never.

    What are digilungs?
  10. High tech lungs that tell you what percentage of your air you've used. Duh.
  11. shit I hate being sick my lung power is at 53%. Any tips?

    haha digilungs. Stoners.
  12. Does it come with LED digital read outs? Do they also have in analog dials?

    I prefer the analog...
  13. If when you take a deep breath, then take a hit, so as to have a higher thc-air ratio, do your lungs absorb it better than if you take a hit with some air in your lungs? Like sceince-wise.

    Also, if say you re-breathe your only-hit lungful into, say, a balloon, does each successive lungful get your higher? So is it thc you're re-breathing? Is it less each time? Because it's taken into your system by lungs?

    Thanks for the higher education.
  14. More, smaller hits don't technically get you any higher than a few, huge hits and visa versa. However, smaller hits are easier on the lungs and you also absorb less plant material this way (carcinogens).

    when i'm pulling on tubes i fill my lungs as much as i can, but when i'm jointing i'll kick back and take smaller, easier hits. I also cant take monster hits lying down, it kills. :smoke:
  15. That's exactly what I do.
  16. Smaller hits make less smoke come off of the herb, so you conserve more.

    I always smoke a bong, so when i hit it I just keep clearing for a bit after I clear the whole bong then inhale more when I remove my mouth from the bong. Granted, I have monsterous lungs and I can clear my bong 3 times before running out of air :)
  17. The ratio is key. I prefer 9:1 smoke to air ratio.
  18. I just smoke man.
  19. I usually fill probably 30% of my lungs and then take a deep inhale and exhale right after. I don't like having my lungs hurting and I have plenty of weed so I don't need to take huge hits when I can take multiple small hits.

    Also to the people concerned with saving weed, if you aren't doing snaps (which you should if you want to conserve) then taking smaller hits is more beneficial because the cherry will be much smaller.

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