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Inhale question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canadian Bud, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Do suck the smoke into your mouth then get it into your lungs by inhaling through your nose or do you suck the smoke into your mouth then inhale again through your mouth?
  2. Either or..
    Just breathe it in like its your last breath of air. After a few rips you will be smokin like a chimney ;)
  3. open your mouth like ur about to hit a bowl, inhale with your lungs.

    repeat 5 times

    then after you have successfully completed that task add bowl to mouth and light bowl while repeating step one.
  4. Inhaling through your nose brings cool, compressed air into your lungs. Inhaling through the mouth brings not as cool, not as compressed air into your lungs.
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    I inhale a little air into my mouth after inhaling the smoke to make sure it gets into my lungs, hold it for a few seconds, then blow it out.
    Works for me.
    I need to try with my nose though.

  6. Suck it directly into your lungs WITH your lungs, don't suck with your tongue like a cigarette, you won't get much of a hit.
  7. On the exhale, you can try exhaling out the nose as well like the Rastafarians. They believe that upon inhalation, the smoke enters the lungs and the bloodstream, enlightening the heart. Then they exhale out the nose, which you may see in pictures or on documentaries. Upon exhalation, they believe that the smoke enters the mind. The heart and mind have both been enlightened, thus the whole body is enlightened.

    I've also read that exhaling out the nose gets you higher.
  8. Thats kinda deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep mang
  9. I recommend both. because the smoke goes up, so once its in your lungs, itll go up. Inhale in your mouth & nose because who knows, you might have some smoke up there.
  10. suck in through the pipe/bong not like a straw, just breath through it, but breath hard, and after you take your hit inhale some air to make sure it gets to your lungs, hold it in for like 3 seconds and exhale. make sure you get all the smoke out of your lungs!

  11. I always do that, but as a white guy in the American south I was unaware the gesture had significance to Rastas. Learn something everyday.
  12. take a puff into your mouth, take the smoking device away from your mouth, and take an imaginary puff to inhale hte smokes into your lung
  13. usually i breathe in through mouth, push it down into my lungs by inahling through nose. then blow out of mouth

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