Inhalater or Pax

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    I dont know which Vape I should buy. They are both around 250$ the reviews are good for both.

    I already have the Arizer Solo I just want something more portable/stealthy as I will be using it in a dorm room at college and maybe other events. also I'll be using it with a couple friends

    If people have pros and cons of each or reviews that they have from using these products much appreciated! :gc_rocks:
  2. Use the Arizer Solo and get some stank.
  3. Nah man as someone who has been using a solo for the past year and a half, having an inhalater has been very freeing.

    What it comes down to really is two things, taste and design. The inhalaters taste cannot be beat, but the Pax holds more at a time (and needs stirring because of that). My votes for the inhalater but I doubt you'd be unhappy with either.
  4. I'm in the same boat as you, Pax or Inhalater. Did you choose one?
  5. same here as well haha. leaning towards inhalater
  6. Go on YouTube and search for A decent pax review.
    That should be convincing

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