InGrown toe-nail?

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  1. I think I trimmed one of my nails to low and now every time I go for a run that toe hurts. Wondering if anyone else ever had one and how did you know? Any remedies? (To stop pain)
  2. ive had toe nails that kinda dug into the side of my toe one day to having them gone the next. your issue is obviously different but just wait for it to grow back is all i can tell ya maybe ice it a lil
  3. I do not think you have an ingrown toenail. You just cut it too short and all you can do is wait. However, if you ever have an ingrown toenail (where it digs into the sides of said toe) cut a triangle out of the middle of said nail with the arc facing out. Then when the nail continues to grow it will naturally pull it up. Takes time but is a sure fire method
  4. Just get those bitch's taken out that was the best thing that has ever happened to my life.
  5. get it fixed man. i had it bad on one toe and on the other a bit too, i just decided to deal with it. i walk funny now because i used to walk with my toe in the air.

    get the quick surgery to fix it, i fucking wish i did
  6. These suck. Soak it in warm salt water (epsom salts)
  7. For now I agree with everyone else. Just be patient and let it grow out and soak it with epsom salts and warm water while you're watching TV or something. Makes it feel a hell of a lot better. If you problem worsens and then go to a foot doctor and get that bitch cut out. It takes less than an hour to have it done and it doesn't hurt at all. You can even watch. I had it done a few times because that's just the way my toenails grew in so after they cut it out they got some acid and killed the root. Haven't had a bit of problem with them since.

  8. I'm gonna warn you it hurts pretty bad getting them cut out, unless you get novacaine. I don't get novacaine because I hate needles and that, imho, hurts more than just getting it cut out. But it will feel better less than a day after you have it removed.
  9. Thanks for the tips/help!

    I was looking at it and I think it cool be from my shoes having a bit of a snug? But its just one toe in particular. But the problem is I can't get the clippers under the nail? The nail is like to short? I'm afraid it will curl and grow into the skin. =_=
  10. Did the same thing, little corner was startin to grow into my foot, anytime somthing hit it even the slightest bit it would hurt like a bitch.

    Had the doc look at it and they had me soak it in a diluted iodine solution just in a little bucket, let your foot soak, then throw a little iodine in the crack of your toe and toenail for a while. that surprisingly did the trick for me after just a few soaks.
  11. carve it in the middle forsiure this works
  12. mine has puss oozing out of it right now!

  13. If it hurts it's already growing into the skin (in-grown....) If your shoes are too tight that could cause it. It usually happens to the big toe. You can't get the clippers under the nail because it's not long enough and is growing wrong.
  14. If it is swollen, bleeding or discharging in some way you have an infected ingrown toe nail.

    I have had this happen to me twice. Both times the doctors told me Epsom salt soaks, anti bacterial cream, 6 month waiting list for a specialist or anti-biotics.

    I finally said enough is enough. I got fairly stoned and drunk, grabbed a pair of tweezers and a knife and eliminated the corner digging into my toe.

    Best fucking feeling ever when I got that cock sucker out. It is like my toe nail is broken on one side and digging into my foot.
  15. cut that shit out son.
  16. I had to get mine removed by a podiatrist when mine was very severe. Soak your toe in a tub of warm water and epsom salt. Try to massage that area to get all the pus and gross stuff out. And then when your done id put some neosporin+pain relief on it. Also if a bandage works for you then put that on it, if it makes it hurt more then just keep it bare.
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    Alright thanks ill pick some of that up today and give it a try!
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    Yeah I have heard that the procedure's to fix the nail, are a bit painful!
  19. You mean like having your nail grow inside your flesh? Good god, get ready to experience some serious pain. Maybe I'm just a pussy for pain but when I had it I screamed my life out when they pulled it out lol.
  20. Had an ingrown toe nail on BOTH my big toes for years.
    Got to a point where it was painful to just walk...

    Got the procedure/surgery done -- my toes have never felt better and they don't grow "in" anymore... ever.

    Needless to say, it was the most painful experience ever. The worst part is when they inject the numbing substance into your toe. It's a big ass long needle they jab into your toe and move around while you watch -- I could see the end of the needle pushing my skin on the other side of my toe -- HAVE FUN!

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