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Discussion in 'General' started by psychoDiablo2, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. guess what dudes? Halloween, i am going to Incubus. got seats right in front anda ll.

    just wanted to tell you all ima have a good time and sorry none of you can be here.

    lol who else likes incubus ?
  2. they're cool, especially their songs 'aqeous transmission' and 'pardon me'. But only if you spell their name correctly.
  3. lol yeah i spelled it like that on purpose. dont trip.
  4. my band! ah, hell yeah im jealous. Incubus is my favorite band, has been for quiet some time now!! lol, no im not just another girl who thinks boyd is cute. my friends drive me nuts with that though. they all think so, I beg to differ. and its not just cause i like tha girlies. lol..but what an amazing band. I love to see them live. travled 8 hours to see them at rolling rock!!!
  5. "are u in" is chill !
  6. man...

    so i waited the entire day of halloween just to see/hear Incubus play a bunch of cover songs as much as their own songs and i payed 35 bucks for this concert. umm...and this was the SHORTEST concert i have ever been too. mainly cuz i'm used to going to the all day ones like Ozzfest. but this shit was an hour and a half.

    when they finished, it seemed as if they had just begun. but it was a down show altogether. i just wish i was in the pit for this concert. next time i see them i will have to be.

    and Pardon Me was teh best! i fuckin love that song man!

    but i had fun and im glad i went.
    nice girlies there too :D
  7. I'm not a very big fan of them.... there's not enough good songs (IMO) to warrant me buying a whole album.

    But I really love The Warmth, and a few others which I can't remember the names of.

    Maybe when I have fat wads of cash I'll buy every album in the world that has at least one song which I like :p
  8. yeah I noticed that too...a lot of cute girlies at incubus shows! ;)
  9. The DVD "Morning View Sessions" is kick ass! I wasnt into Incubus until I saw that dvd... If you havent wseen it, get it!
    Ok, i sound like an Incubus promoter, ill stop know..


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