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Ingesting Rick Simpson's "Hemp Oil"

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by clinton, Sep 11, 2010.

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    In California - it is not legal to make solvent processed concentrates. This is not the case in Oregon. This needs to be changed in California, but till then, we in Oregon enjoy greater liberty.

    I do not have cancer, but I have many other diseases which I have been smoking or vaporizing to treat. About a month ago, I started eating small amounts of the Simpson concentrate. I started with the rice sized pieces and now consume 1/4 inch ball of this "tar" each evening before bed. I was trying to get better sleep.

    My sleep improved a LOT. But I now notice other things. Before starting this I would only have energy till about noon. I now have the energy I had 20 years ago. I feel an overall sense of well being. Is it the better sleep or are other factors involved?

    I no long am able to notice much if I have smoked or vaporized. The "high" does not happen - even with hash and kief. But that is not missed. I do not need to smoke. The benefits I get from the Hemp Oil, has made me realize that smoking and vaporizing is inferior to ingestion. This is medicine of the highest potency; it is truly healing.

    I now see smoking and vaporizing as mostly recreational - people look for the high they feel. I was happy with what smoking provided, but that is no longer the case. I suggest you test this for yourself. You will be amazed.

    A friend of mine is on this - he started 2 months ago when his doctors told him the cancer in his liver and pancreas would kill him within 6 months or so. His doctor now can not find any trace of the cancers. Please do not start the argument pro or con that hemp oil cures cancer. I know it helps many people I personally know very well.

    Test this yourself as posting pro or con will prove nothing.

    Peace and good health to all,

  2. Are people without MMJ cards able to get this stuff some way? I'm sitting here dying. I've come to terms with it, so it's not so hard for me to say anymore, but cannabis is still a felony for the most part in my state. We will be the very last to so much as decriminalize, and I don't think legalization will happen here in my life time. I've told my husband about it. He knows far more people than I do, from all walks of life, who always seem to be able to "find" things for him, but he can't find this. :(

  3. You need to live in a state where you can get a card, EXCEPT a court ruled that Oregon residency is NO LONG a requirement to get an OMMP card. Patients who visit Oregon and have proper ID and medical records, can be issued a card if they pass the physical exam and have one or more qualifying conditions.

    These patients (while in Oregon) have full rights to posses up to 24 ounces, grow a garden, etc. It is illegal to take cannabis back home where crossing a state line and possession in a non-cannabis state.

    This is a new rule change - only 3 weeks old.

  4. Thanks Clinton. This stuff may never benefit me, but I am happy for its existence, and for those people who get the help they need from it.
  5. I been wanting to make Rick Simpson's hemp oil but for me to get enough herb to actually make it,i would have to grow it.As soon as i get a place,I will take that hemp oil ASAP :D

  6. If you have resources to visit Oregon and get a card - I would be glad to help you test all forms of cannabis medicines - no charge for the experience.

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    Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. What do you have? Cancer?

    What state are you in? Have you tried looking at the surrounding states for it? I think it's worth the risk if it'd ease your suffering. Terminal patients should not be restricted any substance, in my opinion.
  8. I don't have cancer. I have several diseases caused by one rare, autoimmune disease called mixed connective tissues disease. There are different types of MCTD, but they call most of them by the same name. Some people go through periods of remission where they get better for a few months. In some cases years, and in just a few cases symptoms never returned. I have not gone through a period of remission for more than four years. I suffer from a rare neurological aspect of MCTD with an 80% mortality rate within 6 to 10 years. It attacks my heart, and the tissues that support my lungs and brain. To my knowledge, no study has ever been done on the effects of cannabis, or hemp oil on a person with MCTD. I think this is why I have been so vocally adamant about the legalization movement. I started using cannabis to treat myself less than a year ago. I'm thrilled to report that I can get out of bed now almost every day. And I usually walk with a cane now, instead of that clumsy walker. :D
  9. What can I say Pearl - I'm a radical kind of guy.

    When it comes to living or dying, you do what you gotta do to survive. That's the way the real world is, don't let anyone tell you differently. The reason I don't grow is out of respect to my mother, but if you have your own place it is within your human rights to fight for it, even if it's your own secret war.
  10. Is it possible to get this oil in Washington state (perhaps shipped)?
  11. He has produced it for other people (that he knows and are near them) free of charge, and he gives out the information but he does not ship it.
  12. The ONLY downside of the RS Hemp Oil is the expense to make it. To make this and take regularly - you do need to grow and grow well. It will take 4x-6x more cannabis than if only smoked or vaporized.

    When you run out, within 4 days you start to see the energy start to lower.

    If you use Ever Clear or similar product - it would take $175 of the alcohol to make it the Simpson way - boil off solvents. With a still to recover the solvent and an herb press to squeeze out the residue liquid - the cost of solvent drops to about $35 per pound - about 1 months supply if treating cancer.

  13. There are new reports almost daily from members at my site - about their experiences with Hemp Oil.

    Lady with super Grand mal seizures - so strong some would wipe her memory - it took a week for her to recognize family again - she now nodes off for a few minutes and wakes up fine.

    HEP C patient - no more pain, energy levels up - he feels normal again.

    Healing rate of wounds has speed up for me - I sleep like a baby.

    Advanced cancer patient - was on 300 mg morphine per day - now has not taken any for 3 days. He is still sick, but feels a lot better.

  14. Clinton,
    Did you say that after taking the oil for a period of time, that you no longer get a "high" from when you now smoke? Just out of curiosity, because I will be taking these oils after I move to OR for medical purposes. Peace

  15. Yes - you get so much cannabis in you that smoking does not make you high - or very much. The HO is very strong and people need to start on very small doses and work up. At the high end I bet somebody would get high smokeing my turds.

    The high is not an essential part of the benefits.

  16. Rick simpson recommends ingesting a lb of cannbis concentrated into about 2 oz over 90 days or less. however, a lb is alot especially for us who don't live in a state with mmj, would making a tincture thats obviously less potent but using it in the same way be worth trying?
  17. you can get a very potent extract if you let the alcohol evaporate from the tincture.

  18. obviously, but then that requires more bud which is the issue in the first place
  19. if one has a medical card i see no reason, ohkay space??,but either wway one with a medical card SHOULD be able to make this hemp oil themselves at home as per the rick simpson method.
  20. For everyone who wants to make hemp oil! Please view the video at the end of this post, as it shows you how to make oil with a little bit of bud and a cheap vaporizer. A woman named Shona Banda, who I have come to know quite well, used this technique to cure herself of terminal Crohn's disease. It is the ideal way for people with limited resources to get oil.

    On another note, I am absolutely ecstatic with the responses I am seeing here and on that other thread about David Triplett's "Cured" video and his curing of his skin cancer. Everybody is so positive and excited about this, and there is no negativity!

    I can truly feel the change coming... so many people are starting to discover the benefits of this medicine. On a grand scale, people like Richard Brumfield, Janet Sweeney, and Sam Wayne Smith are doing big things to bring this to the public. And on a smaller scale, there are individuals like Clinton who are seeing this medicine work, and are spreading information about it. Soon the revolution will finally come, and it will be more glorious than any of us can imagine.

    Without further ado, here is the video!

    [ame=]YouTube - Shona Banda - Live Free or Die[/ame]

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