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Infusion Techniques and other Wizardry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokyBeatsNTreats, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. So as you can tell, I'm a new member, and I had a few questions for people who go absolutely insane with their smoking stuff. I heard of infusion, where you add things to your herb when you smoke it, so I had a few I'd like to share, but also have a few questions about what everyone else has done with their weed to change flavor, smoke, liquid for bubblers/bongs, etc. So here's what I've done so far:

    1. Tea Leaves: Usually using higher quality tea, not stuff like Lipton or mass-produced, but local shop teas. Spotlight would be Dragon Tea from Dragonmarsh in Riverside, since it could also be ground with the weed. Makes the smoke a little easier to inhale as well as adds some extra relaxant because of the ginseng. Smoke changes flavor just a little bit depending on how much tea is in it.
    2. Cranberry juice: Instead of water. Made the rip a little more bitter, like cranberry, but not by much. Made bong harder to clean.
    3. Rosemary: Extract that was safe for consumption. one drop in a packed bowl OR you can rub it alongside the sides of it. Changes the flavor and opacity of the smoke. Inhaling feels very minty and fresh, even though it's a little harsh.
    4. Cedarwood: Another oil used like the Rosemary. Changes the flavor of the smoke. Much easier to inhale the smoke as it tastes softer and kind of woody.
    5 Lemon: Small drop, as it kills the flame, so much easier to just rub the sides of the bowl with it. Changes flavor of smoke to lemony and also is slightly easier to inhale, but could be different.

    Anyway, if anyone else has any ideas or experiments to change flavor, smoke, color, or anything like that I'd like to know. I also want to know if some of these things, like other herbs when combined, are actually beneficial while smoking or if I'm just killing my throat faster than if I was smoking cigarettes.
  2. I personally do not like to add anything to dilute/contaminate/ruin my cannabis. You came up with some interesting concoctions, but I have no idea if they're safe to smoke. Be careful, mate.
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  3. Alll I'm saying is don't burn things that aren't meant to be burnt. you have to understand there is chemistry at work and by adding stuff you change the reaction. More or less
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  4. Enjoy the vast array of terpenes available in quality herb.

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