Infuse a citrus scent on my buds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CannaGen, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Hey glorious growers! 
    If I had a strain that was not pungent and hardly smelled like anything could I infuse it with a citrus scent like putting it in a jar with an orange peel or a strawberry? 
  2. Lmao sounds like you're begging for mold. Just give it nice month cure and you won't need any of that bs . :)
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    Orange peels can easily introduce mold.

    Be careful. Your best bet is to grow something orange flavored imho.

    Edit:whoops, canadianorganic beat me to it! :)
  4. Hehe it's okay Pokes! Happens to the best of us ^.^
  5. Like a broken record :lol:
  6. Kosher tangie has a very tangerine orange smelling pheno
  7. Indeed you guys are right. But it wasent his question tho. Your best bet is to grow something with thoes characteristic you desire. Like i said tho i have knowen people who dryed out there stash too much anf put a orange peel in the jar and it brings it back to humidity. It depends on how you implement it.'s-perpetual-garden
  8. If you want a good strain go with C99. 7 week flower, very resistant, taste like watermelon and citrus. THC around 19% for avg grower.
  9. Kush strains have the most lemon terpenes in them (lab tested), so kush is always a good one for flavor.
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    I think having a lung disease im dying from due to mold inhalation makes my advice pretty sound tbh.

    Please do not encourage stupid behavior.
  11. I feed mine rock resin, makes flavor really come out.
  12. Don't add "anything" after harvest. Either you did it right or you need to try again. If curing make sure you burp(open it to let it breathe) your (glass) jar for atleast 2 hours a day until cured. 10-15% moisture in your flowers to cure properly.
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    Haha pokes to the rescue.
    My lungs are hard core fucked up, too. I've had asthma all my life but for the past 6 months literally every other week my lungs will go into 'fuck you' mode, I can barely walk somewhere without having difficulty breathing - I'll wake up 6 times a night not being able to breathe and am unable to catch my breath. Takes an hour or so to calm down even with my inhaler - I haven't been able to smoke for the past five days because even with the smallest toke I won't be able to breathe for an hour. Have gone to the doctor probably 7 times and they don't do shit.
    Sorry, OP. Rant over
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    That makes me so sad to hear. I dont want you to know how bad i am, its pretty scary for people to know just how close to deaths door i really stand. I sincerely doubt ill live another five years but they said id be dead two years ago and they were wrong!!

    My lung disease came from gardening. I wanted a healtheir lifestyle and more veggies in my diet so i went out wnd planted a garden, inhaled a single microscopic spore and lost 86lbs in 3 weeks, became paralyzed from the waist down for a year. Had to struggle to walk again. Woulda died if my wife didnt force feed me cannabis edibles. I looked just like steve jobs right before he died,


    In real life i dont let anyone see how sick i am, not even my wife. No one knows but me.
  15. Man what the hell did you inhale. I worked in a barn and here was a chemical accident. Turned into mustard gas. Higj acidic soap and chlorine. Put me on my ass and in the hospital but damn man. And pokes. By no means am i encourging it. He asked i commented thats it. Do i know about it yeah knowen some people do it. Do i or have I done it. Nope's-perpetual-garden
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    From gardening? Wow man, that is fucked. I am so sorry to hear all that, all you wanted was a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
    I'm not a religious man, otherwise I would pray, but I will be sending positive vibes your way.
    I hope you consume edibles, I always wonder how bad smoking pot is for your lungs. Is vaporizing the best way to smoke?
    I've cut back and I've noticed no more flem in my throat. But, I like smoking better because edibles make it so I can't function.
    You're in my thoughts, I can't believe gardening did that.. who would have thought.
  18. Yup vaporizers are the way to go. No combustion, so really nothing harmful.
    I didn't think I believed in God until my family member passed away. First person close to me that has died.There has to be something after, I hope.
    Some weird stuff happened after he died, I felt like he was trying to contact us somehow.

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