Infrared information?

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  1. Does anybody know if the infrared helicopter that police use can pickup a grow room 4 feet underground? Please tell me anything u know about this subject im considering a setup underground and am curious about this. thank you
  2. yes, you need 8 feet to get full insulation, but depth need will vary based on a few factors. How much heat would be produced (how many watts will your entire grow op use), what the ambient above ground temperature is, and what is growing above it. The most heat you generate the deep it will have to be buried, ambient above ground temperature is important because you want the heat radiated from the grow op to be equal to or lower than the ambient temp at time of fly over, and finally what you're growing above it matters because plants remove heat form the ground and dissipate it in the form of evaporation.

    Generally speaking 8ft is enough and be sure to grow thick vegetation above it, dense tall grass, at least, and maybe bushes would be best
  3. Here's another thought - use the underground chamber for flowering only - and run the lights during normal daylight hours. FLIR cannot be used while the almighty sun is up. Then you could basically have it buried under an inch of soil... :)
  4. They can't tell if your baking cookies for Starbucks or firing clay ashtrays for Ebay. They can't use any information from FLIR to get a warrant. They need a warrent to even use it on your home. Here is the ruling:

    In an important decision setting a boundary on when police may use certain high-tech surveillance equipment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last Monday (June 11, 2001) that police must obtain a search warrant before using an infrared heat-detecting device to peer into a person's home.
  5. they use it EVERY day with out a warrant... if they're wrong they don't lose anything and basically just get a slap on the wrist. but if they're right, well you get the idea
  6. I agree, but they can't use the info to get a warrant. They can't search your home because it glowes on the FLIR cam.
  7. some times i really hate some technology advancements. All that shit is sooo terible to our freedoms. They shouldn't be scanning our dam houses no matter what. Its just bullshit. So is takin satellite pics of ppl private property. Leave us the fuck alone! :(
  8. You're right on with that... they can't use it.

    However, FLIR hand-helds are cheap these days....I'd be surprised if every LEO op didnt have one. If they decide to do an evening drive around the neighborhood, with the handheld running, spot your 'glow', now they have just nailed you. They KNOW what you're doing - and you have no idea that they know.

    It's a matter of time in this day and age for them to nail ya either with a traffic stop, tap and rap or any one of their countless tactics. I mean the goal is to never even be suspected by LEO - stay completely under the radar. Only achieved by religious security measures.

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