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    Hello Everyone,

    I have complied what i think is some of the most important information about marijuana into flyers, tell me what you guys think.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    criticism and suggestions are encouraged

    UPDATED: now includes source page, and universal link to easily access flyers
  2. thats great man :smoke:
  3. Do you plan on doing anything with those fliers?
  4. :hello:Nice work. I want to make a ton of copies and post them all around campus lol This is all stuff that people need to know.
  5. great stuff +rep
  6. thanks for the comments everyone :D

    yea i'm going to hand them out everywhere i can, along with put them up in my neighborhood and university, and hopefully get my local paper to publish an article about all the pro pot posters popping up everywhere
  7. excellent +rep
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    Question, do you have somewhere on the poster saying that you made it?
    Just so that no one takes the idea for themselves, I was thinking about printing these off but I wanted to make sure you get the respect you deserve.

    All I have got to say, is this looks very professional, Grade A Shit!
  9. yea i was thinking about that but i don't really wanna put my real name on it, maybe i'll add iBurn420

    and i still have to upload the sources page, but feel free to share them with everyone you can, thats why i made them :)
  10. Ok, You just deserve the cred.

    Thanks man, send me a PM when you finally upload the sources page. K?
  11. alright they've all been updated, probably for the last time

    and i created a link that will take you to my photo album with all the flyers and the source pages

    this is written on every page and this way if you give someone the flyer as a handout, they can go on the computer at home themselves and read the other ones and see the source page and so forth

    happy smoking, and help spread the knowledge :smoke:
  12. Great work. Keep it up. We need all the active activists we can get. :smoke:
  13. They look nice man keep it up
  14. Great job man!!!! Awesome, I love quotes from our founding fathers. They knew what the world should be like :rolleyes:
  15. thanks everyone, think it would be a good idea to send them to my local member of parliament? printed out in color and presented well of course
  16. I have a couple suggestions.

    1. Fliers should be short quips that people will absorb and remember. People do not tend to read large blocks of texts. The message should be big, short, and emphatic.

    2. There's no point in making a whole page flier for your sources. Again, no one wants to read a full page of website addresses. Use footnotes.

    Keep up the good work!
  17. i'm not expexting everyone to read every word lol but hopefully i can get a decent amount of people to read them and walk away a little bit more educated

    and its really not that much reading, think about an article in a newspaper, i wasn't going for the billboard advertisement with a picture and a little catch phrase.

    but i'm glad to hear everyone likes them [​IMG]

    and also don't feel like you have to give someone all 5 pages, if you give someone one of the articles, and their still interested they can go to (or just typed in the address bar) and read the other 3 articles and the source page, the source page wasn't really meant to be handed out thats pretty much why i made a place online for them to be viewed
  18. Someone can at the least have the source page and be like we even got sources biznitch.

    Anyways, you kept things separated so it felt like it wasn't that much to read.
  19. Those are really awesome looking man. All I can say is great job.
  20. Awesome posters man, you mind if I take your idea and translate it to spanish?
    So I can give them out here in mexico =D

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