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  1. I'am rather confused now as I seem to be on early start of mg deficency. I been told to use a cal mag supplement I bought plant magic magne cal plus and doubting using it with my biobizz bio grow and bloom. i know biobizz isn't 100 percent organic but has anyone got experience using plant magic magne cal with these nutrients I have been told that it could kill the benifical soil microbes because it's chemical but it says on the bottle to use with soil but nothing about organic soil so I'm confused.should I just stick with epsom salts or has anyone used these two products together I have used epsom before but been reading recently it takes to long to be absorbed by the plant and is not as good as people make out any information would be great thanks in advance
  2. if you really think it's an Mg def and you are using organic soil, then go w/ the epsom salts and stay away from the cal/mag
    but if your soil was put together properly then i doubt it's a Mg issue..
    I don't see how it's not as good as people make it out to be..epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. (Magnesium and sulfur + oxygen)
    So if it's a magnesium deficiency, adding epsom salt (magnesium) would correct the deficiency.
  4. well its bio bizz all mix soil after a lot of research it's lacking in only has enough for a short while anyways here is a picture of the problem, if you look at the large fan leaf notice the yellow starting to appear at the edges there's also 3 micro brown spots on leaf they won't show up on camera

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  5. I have used it before with good results but was told it's not as good as the magne cal.and what dosage would you recommend I have used 1 level 5 ml spoon to every litre of water does this sound correct to you ?
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    Lol I wouldn't know about ml and litres, but a correct dose is about 1 tbsp epsom per gallon of water.
    I would agree that it probably  won't give as good results as cal-mag, but if you're growing organic, epsom salts is the obvious choice over the chemical fertilizer.  If you have been using bottled nutrients, then I would go ahead with the cal-mag.
    The plant looks nitrogen deficient to me though, not magnesium deficient. I would just give it the nutes you were going to give..some epsom salt added wouldn't hurt if you have some on hand. Thats a pretty big plant lol nice  :smoke:
    Remember during flowering, plants do still need a little nitrogen, just not nearly as much as they do during veg.
  7. Why are you getting cal/mag deficiency? I'm using biobizz light mix and nutes with no issues. Are you using RO or distilled water?
  8. The wee yellow tips look like slight nute burn, your plant looks quite healthy, few weeks into flower a shot of e.s do no harm anyway
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    I'm giving bio bizz grow aswell as bio bloom at 1ml grow per litre and 1.5ml bloom per litre total 6 litres. so she getting 9 ml bloom and 6 ml grow the colour is a lot lighter also because of the camera flash but it is still a light green colour and she is 17 days into 12/12 also using bottled nutrients but they say there organic
  10. Yeh I had nute burn few weeks ago found out the soil was to hot so I flushed and no longer had yellow tips on new growth. apart from this slight yellow patches appearing on this one leaf she seems ok but she's a little on the light green side
  11. no I'm using normal tap water left out for 24 hours just to get rid of the chlorine.the water in my area is pretty good as I don't live in the city and my source of water is only few miles away I'd say it's pretty clean but always had mg problems since I started growing and only ever used bio bizz products. Still learning lol
  12. also with biobizz mg def starts show in between 6 weeks mark if you haven't given any by then
  13. Why not try little dose of veg nutes you want to keep the leaves healthy and green for as long as possible
  14. If you're worried about the microbes in the soil, why not foliar with the cal/mag? Saves the microbes but also helps the plant having to transport nutrients as much
  15. I am giving veg nutrients bio grow I might give one higher dose on next feed then continue at the 1ml per litre as stated on their feeding chart along with bloom
  16. doesn't say on the bottle that it can be foliar sprayed
  17. Try the e.s if it's that you'll be emerald in a few days
  18. yeah that's what I will try mate on next watering cheers
  19. Cripes, in week 6 now. I know there's magnesium in our water though, I used to work in the lab at the water plant:)
    Still I'll keep an I on it...
  20. Half of what I foliar feed doesn't say the on the bottle that it should be used as a foliar. Most nutrients can be foliar fed

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