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    can you tell us about these products
  2. Those nutes say hydroponics on the box, are they good for soil?
  3. i dont know people say that are
  4. Hydroponic nutrients will work fine in soil your just going to have to flush more often because you soil will start to build up deposits of some elements of the fertilizers. This is because hydroponic nutrients were designed to be constantly moving around the roots or slowly down, and out through coco.

    The general organics go box, and the fox farm coco Loco would pair very well with some 4 gallon pots, lights, water, and some knowledge. Also worm castings are one of the best organic fertilizers as they're completely natural, and uptake of microbials from the castings is quite fast, and efficient in cannabis thus providing a stronger stock, leaf structure, more sugars, and possibly larger yield if used right.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask!
    Hope I was of some help

    Good luck my friend, happy growing, and bountiful harvests.


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  5. yo

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    A smart grower will get this and a large sack of perlite
    mix it 30% perlite to 66% FFOF will last 2-3 grows with very little amending
    good luck

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