Infographic: Why the war on drugs is lost

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  1. Since the 1980s, the US has been waging its ‘War on Drugs’ in earnest. Here’s how they're doing.


  2. awesome infographic SJ!

    If only everyone knew the facts and could see it from that viewpoint.
  3. its all so fuckin backwards its ridiculous..
  4. 40!!!! If only that could be spent on education, homeless and the hungry.
  5. Yep, and what about cancer?? $40 billion towards finding a cure for cancer sounds like a better idea to spend this money.

  6. We already have cures for cancer!!!
  7. Well I am sharing this. Awesome info! This is why I love GC!

  8. not to mention the national debt...
  9. Thats a pretty interesting infographic. Still no matter makes my blood boil....sick of this war and its useless effects.
  10. this!!

    Friends, If you haven't read The China Study, I highly recommend it!! DIET ALONE CAN CURE CANCER!
  11. This is a great infographic on the drug war. Prescription drugs have become a huge problem, and we've forgot a discussion on a drug that should be legal. Will def post this on my site.
  12. Prohibition is stupid and it doesn't work. As a teenager, it is easier for me to buy a gram of weed than it is for me to get a can of beer.

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