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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by aireoponics, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. im intrested in info or a journal on a large scale outdoor camping grow of no less than 100 plants i hear that this goes on alot in state forests and is very popular in califorina.
  2. And why is that?
  3. a narcotics agent would say something like that...:devious:
  4. Just so happens that i am doing one now...because im in the middle of the woods...camping with my 50 million plants...*sigh*

    Most people who grow 100+ plants dont need our help or to show off.
    they MAKE MAD BANK...the ppl on this forum are small time (relativley) and arent worth chasing.

    If you wanna find out info on the emerald triangle grows....go there and ask for a job
  5. Well, I wasn't going to publish my 30,000 plant plantation grow journal, but since you ask so nice ....

    Give me a few min would ya,
  6. Seems like all the super huge grows 500+ plants are all done my Mexican Nationals and are supported by organized crime....

    Don't think you want to associate or grow with these folks.
  7. you are better off with a scattered grow. 10 plant sections. in 10 different locations. so when they do fly overs it just looks like a small patch of bushes. rather then a field of 100+ plants. i am formulating this plan right now. just taking my small grow and trying to increase it 10 plants at a time in a gorilla grow. plan is to have 2 or 3 mothers. and propagate 10 clones at a time. so starting around march i will be planting 10 every 2 weeks. until i have 100. yes they will be different sizes. but this should help conceal them and make them less uniform. patch here. patch there. if one patch gets yanked i will still have 9 others. good luck feds. catch me if you can.

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