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  1. im living in the west of ireland and i want to grow outdoors this year, the growing site will be in an around woodland. i want to no what seeds to get? i want easy to grow, mould resistant and want to buy just feminized seeds. im aiming for 10 plants. if anyone has the info im looking for id be very greatfull
  2. there is such thing as a mold resistant plant. id recommened The Church from greenhouse seed company. its mold resistant and it is very good to be grown in northern climates outdoor
  3. look into a strain called "hollands hope" its a strain designed for outdoor growing in places where the weather is hit and miss, ie ireland :laughing:
  4. Not sure on your climate there.. But I always recommend either skunk or northern lights for outdoor.
    Like I said they might not be the best for your climate but there both pretty hardy strains for mold and disease and produce nice buds.

    Also it's worth the time to have a look for strains, if any, that have been crossed specifically for your region / Climate.

    Mr. Duke
  5. tanks for yer replys. have any of ye grown those seeds in ireland before and if yes what wer yer results?

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