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  1. i dunno if this is the right place to post but i need a bit of info on E.

    how long can it be detected in your body for (through blood, urine samples etc.)?

    want to drop on new years but may have tests soon after so if anyone can help pronto that would be great...


    if not, can someone point in the direction of a good place to find out...?
  2. It's been along time since I've thought about ecstasy, but from what I remember actual mdma stays in your system no more than a week.. What you have to be worried about is what it's CUT with.

    This is also not-related but it takes you approximately 6 months to a year for your brain to relenquish your seratonin supply, which is a chemical vital to keeping you mentally and emotionally stable.

    To get more good information check out, they'e a pretty informational site, and is probably more reliable than my memory. :D
  3. I think has some pretty good info (I vaguely remember...), but they're really pro e so just about everything they say about the drug's gonna be pretty positive.'s probably a better bet.

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