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  1. ahh im regaining feeling in my tongue
    would you guys say this ok to snort
    is there any way i can take out all the cut so i can have a very little amount of pure

  2. yepp, thats the fish scale that i get over here. One or two lines and im geeked already.

    and to the original poster, no you cant take out the cut.
  3. how many lines of some mid grade coke would it take to get a good high
  4. its different with everyone, jus take it slow and do a line and chill out and see whatsup. And then do some more until your good.

  5. Haha there's Zero getting my back. You on Aim dude? Ima try and hit you up.

    Oh, and to the dude who said fishscale was shit:

    Just a little thing I found. Wikipedia isn't always reliable, but it helps out. I'm hoping to hear from my Dude by tomorrow, so I can get shit set up for Friday...

    Worst case scenario= $80 a G, delivered. Which is pricey as hell. Even if it weighs out to 1.4g's.

    To the OP: Nah dude, once it's cut, it's cut. It's fine to snort. Do a pinner line, and see how it feels. Coke takes an average of 14.6 minutes to peak.
  6. once you do it enough you can just tell by licking it, $25 a gram has to be some nasty cut shit they usually cut it with vitamin D pills, according to my friend who used to slang crack. I used to get balls for $110 in chicago, it was cut but not too bad.

    just do a little line and chill, then do another if you want more. you don't really dose coke. damn reading about this makes me want to RELAPSE HAHA!! I just need to get paid..

    thats ridiculous, if it burns at all that means it's cut to shit homie. flame coke will NOT burn at all, in fact one line should make you feel no pain at all haha
  7. i get that Peruvian flake for 40/g :D
  8. Yea wow 25 a g? That's like snorting baking soda or something. The lowest I have seen is 40 a g and that coke was the shittiest thing ever. Good shit goes for at least 60 a g.

  9. if you don't have any connects... hhaha
  10. In canada for good roc it was $80 and it was all hard, And for $50 it would be little powder and some chunks. If you do a gummer and no numbness then its probably pills. Usually from what i remember buy it hard and it should have a nice smell to it. Good yayo you should only need .5 g for the night, unless its cut and you need a gram lol.:D

  11. Even with a GOOD connect, you'll probally be at $50 a g at best. If you got connects that good, you MAY be an addict.

    I'm thinking my plan is to get this 99.9% pure medicinal shit, $80 for 1.4 G's.

    Fat sack, Straight rocks, amazing quality...

    You figure you buy a gram, and I'll be paying $60. Or we drive 10 minutes and get this shit. Usually 3-5 lines of regular fish scale gets me yakked off my ass.

    3 lines of this shit... You might as well be scarface. Shit FUCKS YOU UP. Most people take 1 fat line, and chill. 2 to get completely Yakked...

    But yeh, ESPECIALLY with coke, the cheaper the price ( by gram), usually means a lesser quality product. How's it going for ya, OP?
  12. Good blow you need to pay the cash, fuck doing junk for $25 or $50. Least i know its getting me high and not a nose bleed.
  13. Good call Omega. I'd rather dish out a couple more bucks, and know I'm getting some pure shit. It's nice to know you're not gonna die from cut shit, and you won't bust a crazy nose bleed either, haha. Hooray for good coke! :hello:
  14. I'm saying I may be an addict, Spaz... but I can get 80-85% pure white girl at $40 a gram... and it's straight fire chunks. The only reason I am doing it now is because its all free, I mean people out there are willing to pay upwards to 100 dollars a gram for this stuff...

    edit: ive also never had a nose bleed ever

  15. Allright. Well, I went through an addiction that got me shot 3 times, and a best friend taking the 4th shot and dying. Spent 1 yr, 8 months in Jamesburg Juvi.

    And then I died. Put an 8ball to my head bro. Be careful with your stuff dude. Hopefully you get out of this fix before bad shit happens...

    And advice? After everyone does their first line, Ask how everyone liked their line. This way, you know how to cut em next round. Then, before the second round starts, put freebird on. Just trust me, haha.
  16. oh yeah, no doubt. my other dude is looking at 8 years minimum in prison. Bounty hunter kicked in his hotel room door and seized everything; 10K in cash in a shoebox, plus all of his product. This isn't a game you have to be smart and there's always haters trying to pull one over on you... You just gotta stay one step ahead :D
  17. the yellow flakes are the blow the rest is probably talcum powder or baby laxative maybe a dash of crushed up ritalin if you see any greenish/bluish tint to the mix

    pure blow is a solid hunk off the key that has a fish scale look with a yellowish tint that breaks off in shale like shards before enough moisture hits it to go oily

    if it ain't greasy on your hand it's probably cut to shit with something

    edit- @spaz - even with shit right off a key someone addicted to the stuff can easily snort up over a gram every half hour and still be pretty straight albeit a bit twitchy 'n wide eyed

    lol to be scarface you'd have to be blowing 1.5+g lines every 15 minutes and most couldn't afford that shit
  18. Isn't a pink or purpleish coke due to it's process? I was told that ether is used instead of other harsh fuels. You being in that part of the world would know better than I.[/quote]

    That could be the reason, you can feel that the quality is better, and you do not smell any harsh fuels like you do on the colombian shit.
    We call it saloon coke, its more expensive, but you don't get twitchy and it doesn't hurt your nose at all; you don't even feel like you did coke when you come down from it.

    thats ridiculous, if it burns at all that means it's cut to shit homie. flame coke will NOT burn at all, in fact one line should make you feel no pain at all haha[/quote]

    Only the first line burns, after that its complete numbness; I get a chunk straight from the kilo, I know there is not cut in it; the quality does vary within the same coke, it just depends who made it, I get a nose bleed the next day from the ones that smell like gasoline, and most of the times they look like fishscales; white sparkly chunks.

    I don't know what you're putting up ya nose...

    The fishscale in NJ, DEA tested, was 95-99% pure... It's the best shit I've had. One nice line, and your face goes numb, haha. Bleach and Acetone? I don't want the stuff by you bro...[/quote]

    I never said it wasn't pure, I just said the quality is bad mainly because of how its made, if you are getting fishscales, which should very white and sparkly, I been told that this happens because of the bleach they use in their process; they also use harsh fuels, like acetone, or gasoline to separte the coke from the plant.
    As soon as I find it, I will post a link for a video that shows how they make it in colombia, I actually haven't done any coke since I saw that video.
  19. around here it's 40 a g 60 a teener and it's's little rocks and never in powder. A good line (first of the night) has me blown for over an hour...can't feel your teeth or parts of your face hah
  20. back in dallas, i'd get a ball for $100, and it would be in ALL rock form. when i'd get a ball, the whole 3.5 g of coke would be in rock form in a cut out actually ball lol. it was always fun just holding a huge rock of coke the size of a golf ball in your hand hah. good times but fuck coke..

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