info on cfls?

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  1. ok so I wanna kno how many cfls I would need to flower 7 plants or so and also if any 1 could help me with wat color spectrum to enhance for the dif stages.
  2. im not an expert, in any way, but i think you will need so many its more efficient to use some HPS of MH....for that many atleast
  3. 6-7 per plant, depending on size (could be 10)

    so 7 x 7 = 49 bulbs, sockets, and cords

    For 7 plants you should just get (2) 400W HPS
  4. ^^ yay ive learned something hahahaa. im researching growing and shit so i can start my med grow without having to have the learning curve be as rough hahahah
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    ok so cfls r out lol thanks I woulda ended up buyin like 12 and fuckin it up so again thanks 4 the info. also I have 2 1000 w HPS bulbs but they are for a flood light system, would 1 of these work for flowering and also wtf would I use 2 run em? would it have 2 be a grow hood and ballast still?

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