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  1. well i have two plants that i cloned and they were both doing great cept i had them in the same bucket so i decided to transplant one and now the one that i left in the big bucket is doin kinda crappy at least compared to the one i transplanted (which used to be the smaller of the two). i think i was over -underwatering.. not watering enough too often.. so now i am watering them both until water comes out the bottom and then not again until the soil is dry but the plant in the big bucket is nt doin as good as the other... is it cus the bucket is to big? the leaves are way lighter then the others and it istnt growing as rapidly.. should i transplat or just hold out and try to get the watering on track? more pics can be found in my post in the advanced growing techniques forum under FOR CLONE EXPERTS ONLY. any and all feed back is greatly appreciated... GROW ON!!!:smoking:
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  3. Whats up dankness, It is true that the plant in the bigger pot will grow slower than the transplanted one. I have found that letting a plant grow out of it's pot before transplanting and not putting it in a oversized pot will speed up growth quite a bit. Also if you left any dying roots in the bigger pot this could of cause a root rot problem. When growing in soil always add benifecial microbes to help break down decaying matter. This helps a lot. The lighter color of the one in the big pot could mean a lot of different things but given that the other one is doing fine I would have to think the roots where damaged or that thier is rot. Hey man hope this helps. If you have any more question feel free to PM me. PEACE!:D
  4. Right one needs a bigger pot?!
  5. transplant that one on the right. you're losing precious growt time by keeping it in such a small container.

    As for the one that you transplanted into the big bucket, it probably has a bit of transplant shock. I like to dose my plants with a little B1 with the watering right before transplanting and again with their first watering after the transplant. This will help mitigate shock. I also do all my transplanting in the evening so my plants have a good 6 hours of night time to cozy into their new home.
  6. you got it backwards... the one in the big pot is doin crappy and has not been transplanted. they were both in the same big pot and i took the one on the right out of the big pot and it is goin nuts.. its a pretty big bucket i have her in now the big one is 15 i was sold for at least maybe 10 or nine the smaller one is 3 or 5 gallon i think..
  7. The one on the right needs transplanting. The roots will go into shock if you don't bro.
  8. how big of a bucket do i need?
  9. first off you dont need a bucket, you need a pot, 10 inch for that matter.

    The one on the left (light green leafs, probably lots some roots while yanking out the the other plant and is shocked, let it be it should recover.
  10. I didn't get anythign backwards brutha :) That one on the right needs a bigger container. Period. The one on the ledt is in transplant shock. Although you didn't "transplant" it, you disrupted it, and very likely, its root system when you tore out the other one. It's in shock. Use B1 on your plants during transplanting.
  11. hey thanks for the advice guys!! i love how comments in here especially DIERs- no offense intended of course- tend to be on the assholish side.. and how it kinda turns into an intellect battle of marijuana texting where hidden within the GREAT advice is a couple of pokes and jabs at each others knowledge and or sytem or skill..SO let the fun begin!!
    DIER- i intend to transplant the lighter green plant that is currently in a 12 gallon bucket its - plastic so i wouldnt consider it a pot.. but we will say container for the sake of what im going to transplant into. The plant that is dark green and growin out of hand is currently in a three gallon container - that i have grown to bud out of before so i dont know why every one insist on transplanting so soon... BUT it must be done so i will be transplanting both of my babys into 5 gallon buckets that have been fully sterlized of course... i may try to find plastic "pots" if its cheaper. i think my problem was the watering with either root rot or roots growin up cuz i wasnt fully watering. i didnt disturb much if any of its roots when transplanting if anything the one in the smaller bucket should be stunted cuz it lost alot!! + it has been a week or two since i transplanted and the transplanted one is at least 4 inches taller!

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