Info- Man Charged With 81 Years For Selling Pot

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  2. I went for probation. I avoided doing time but the personal destruction that has fallen on my lap because of this is insane. Over $10,000 in legal fees and fines. Lost career, ability to earn a decent income, no chance of getting a job with my skill set until probation is over (just under 2 more years)  Unemployment forces me to record 2 job contacts a week, therefore any potential employer once my record is expunged will already know my Felony conviction and wont hire me even though my record will show clean. Conditions of probation require me to stay here in this hypocritic red State while I lose any and all dignity I once had. I feel for this guy, standing up for princible is honorable, but doing time is worse than what I have to endure. I hope everything works out for the guy. People, Fight to end this madness.
  3. I feel you man.. Change is needed, and I really think it's around the corner.
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