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Discussion in 'General' started by elBid, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. SHORT STORY:I smoked 2 blounts today and on friday i gonna take a blood test.The 1. question:The doc. gonna know about the drugs?
    The 2. question:How long does it take to be in safe.. i mean if i gonna smoke a joint today ...when its safe to take the bloodtest..

    (AGAIN english is very bad)
  2. man, you are pretty much screwed. it takes i think like 2 or 3 weeks to completely flush your system. you better go buy a detox and drink lots of water!!
    good luck!

    also, what is the doctor testing for? if it is for a sickness, then don't worry about it. doctors don't test for everything when they get blood samples, it would be too expensive. so, they usually only test for what they need. unless it is a physical. if it is, then guzzle, guzzle!!
  3. unless the doc is TESTING for thc he won't know. Second- the doc can't tell anyone if thc comes back positive anyways if it's just a doc who's treating you for illness- patient confidentiality rules state that they're not allowed to tell police ANYTHING about you unless it's to STOP you from going out and commiting a MURDER- not anything else!

  4. /\/\ditto/\/\... unless the purpose of the test is to check for illegal substances then you're fine..besides, most people are tested through urine rather than blood when it comes to drug testing.

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