Influenza & weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Rilley, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. well, I got a flu shot, long story short, I got influenza, right now the virus is at its climax I got a 101 fever, wheezing (asthma), coughing, aches and the flu like question is should I take some Tylenol cold pm, or smoke weed, or both? weed will help me sleep, but Tylenol will do that with out the dry mouth which I HATE!
  2. Weed will fuck you up if you have the flu... speaking from experience here
  3. At the most you could eat some edibles. I wouldnt smoke though.
  4. for the flu it made me just sleep
    i would say it neither helped or made things worse

    I agree edibles sound better but if I was you I would just smoke a very small amount to get minimal effects, and sleep.
  5. Um drink something? I've never understood why cottonmouth is such a big deal for some. Is that really what's stopping you from smoking right now? If I was laid up in bed with the flu you bet I'd definitely take a couple rips. Appetite, sleep, feel a bit better... At least in my opinion.
  6. Dude, weed is your best friend while you have a flue, but, as sbrown said, you will be somewhat fucked up.
  7. When I catch a bad lung infection I don't smoke. Just common sense. Not only is your lungs covered with mucus making the actual THC hard to be adsorbed into the system. Half the time it's just lost in flem that you cough up. Not only that if you're on some type of cough syrup most likely the cough syrup is gonna mask your high. I'd just pass and save it for when you're healthy again.

    Smoking while sick can def prolong the getting better process. Not so much if you don't smoke tho :D
  8. Weed will definitely put you in better spirits and distract you from the shitty feeling. It will also help those aches.

    If you take it with Tylenol you will definitely be feeling better until both wear off.
  9. the weed helps you feel better but smoke will not help your sickness. i smoked alot when i was sick to feel better but it made me stay sick way longer.

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