Influence Plants SEX?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GrassCharles, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Are there any known ways to influence the pants sex?

    Make a plant have more possibilities to turn to a fem?
  2. mmmm debatable, some experimental growers have been using hormone tablets to try, but you have to remember that stressing a plant with stuff, can have the opposite effect and turn the plant heremie........better just buying ferminised seeds, but some growers don't like them either.......! out........Sid
  3. like sid says dont stress it, 1 thing that has bin proven to affect weather a plant is male or female is the amount of room the roots get in the 1st few weeks of its life, a new seedling puts down a 4 inch tap root, if this has any problems then the plant has a tendency to b male, common beleif is that if a plant thinks it doesnt have the room to grow the roots it needs to surport a large bud laden fem it turns male.

    in side by side tests where only the pot size differd the plants in the small pots was over half male but of the plants in the large pots 80+% were female. this test has bin done many times with the same results.

    just keep ur plants happy, dont stress them and u cant go far wrong. if u want 100% females everytime then get 1 gud female and learn to clone.
  4. ps personaly i dont like fem seeds, i think there over priced and if u think of the way u get them then it cant b good 4 the plant or the seeds and most iv heard of r unstable.
  5. First hey guys!. long time no see...........

    No true way to make females happen... But you can help them along the way I think... Seems to always work for me. Space of course but Im thinking more temp/climate issues. My females tend to show earlier and more so if they are in a sub-tropic climate with a slightly igher humidity rate and higher night temp. Ending in the warmer and more spacious you grow in the higher chance of females. The cold has always generated males for me more than anything else... If you grwo outdoors ever you'll notice cold summers are more maled than humid hot summers anywhere...... Later... So many things can change and impact them though... Soil/Temp/Area/Water/Altitude/Air/Etc.... probably really is no way to sex something before it shows... I mean if it was liek that we wouldn't need to pay for Ultrasounds to find out whether the kids a boy or girl .... right...... ( but then that has nothing to do with this topic... oh well... )
  6. i read something that said that 24hr light cycle while vegging will give you a high chance of male but like 10-15% good luck
  7. Well if high temp is a positive factor then i should have no problem... the minimum temp in my cultivation room is 30 C.
  8. sensa-spray.lts a hormone stimulant applied as a foliar spray.l grow from cuttings so l don,t know if it works or not .

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