inflation around the world

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  1. there are over 100 countries whose inflation rates are higher than the U.S.
    the blame game... Binden administratin policies or redumblican candidates lying to voters?
    ... you decide.

    Global Inflattion Rates.jpg
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  2. It's Biden's fault of course......:rolleyes:
    Just like the gas prices.
    Originally the trumpers blamed the gas prices on Russia because of the war in Ukraine.........but it didn't take long for them to blame Biden.
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  3. Just out of curiosity what where those countries inflation rates when El Donaldo was in office? I'm going to use the SWAG method(Scientific Wild Ass Guess) and go with a lot lower than they are now. Must be coincidence, I'm sure.
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  4. it's the federal reserve's "fault". the fed is manipulating global markets under the auspices of "trying to control US inflation by raising central bank interest rates. Traitor Joe appointed the current chairperson but jerome powell has been "working the system" under many different presidents both dem and gop for decades.

    But Traitor Joe appointed powell to his current role so yeah, it's all on Lying Biden. he's the supposed captain of this journey he's taking us on.
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  5. This is a stoner forum. I love how there's so much politics and macroeconomics being discussed here, as if the people on here know anything about anything

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  6. :laughing: it's all BS smack talk anyway. there's not one of us that actually knows what is going on, but for the most part every person currently walking the planet thinks they know :laughing:. it is so true if you think about it. even the douches walking around the grocery store in their pajamas while shopping for groceries think they've got it all " figured out".

    ime, everyone thinks "they know" what the scoop is. it's kind of funny when you think about it. please share what you know about global inflation. :smoking:
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  7. inflation has it cons as well as its pros
    time to shuffle some more cash to that Ankara back account for that interest interest ,...lool
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  8. The majority of what you see here are people who spend too much time with their face glued to right-wing propaganda news and then come here to parrot programmed talking points.

    Inflation? Biden's fault
    High gas prices? Biden fault
    Unemployment? Biden's fault
    Racism? Biden's fault
    Jan 6 insurrection? It didn't happen and if it did, liberals planned the whole thing to blame on the MAGAs
    Trump stole classified documents? Trump declassified them by just thinking it in his head. And the liberals planted them to frame him.
    Climate change? It's not caused by humans but it's Biden fault still
    Grocery store ran out of their favorite Doritos flavor? Liberals stole them

    Some have openly admitted here their only stance is to oppose liberals, at all costs, on all issues. They don't know why, and they don't care what true and what's not, but they do it because they're told to.
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  9. All true. The buck has to stop somewhere.

    also has a ring of truth to it. what about moderate liberals or moderate conservatives? do "we" get lumped in with "the right" or "the left"? let's make labels!

    the rest of your post is gobbledygook. i mean, wth does it even mean? So now i guess the attack is on "stoners commenting on world affairs" :laughing: bingo, more labels and categorization. "let's end 'racism' and label making".
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  10. ok... so not only is Biden responsible for worldwide inflation now, but Fat Donnie...most of his reign being pre-COViD... was responsible for the mostly stable world economy then? yes... he was quite the diplomat who's most accomplished acts were making world leaders laugh at his idiotic speeches. i'd ask what you're smoking, but bravo for growing such powerful weed.
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  11. actually the more i thought about it i went and looked at the US deficit from 2019 - present and oh what a surprise! :eek2: it was clearly "the covid" that started the whole thing rolling to get the deficit from where it was in 2019 - Mar 2020 to where it astronomically lies today.

    now the Fed has raised interest rates which makes bonds and other Treasury notes more appealing to international investors and their money comes pouring into the US. the US $ index currently rests at 118%, the highest since ~2001. that and that alone makes every other currency in the world worth less because all of the world economy is based on the value of the USD - the world's reserve currency - the more value the USD has the less value other currencies have.

    "the covid", the rising Fed prime rate, and an increased demand for USD is responsible for global inflation. here at home we run ~$90 billion a month trade deficit, and home mortgage rates are 7%-8%. once the housing market crashes that's when we'll see a stock market "correction" until Blackrock steps in to save the world from financial ruin (it's what they are paid to do).

    so yeah! doggone right it's on Lying Biden's plate of accountability. FJB and his "covid horse" he rode into town on. :notworthy:
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  12. It’s all bullshit. Government with only help those by helping themselves first
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  13. Good point, OP. "It could be worse" makes a fine reelection campaign slogan for your team.
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  14. I just look at the calendar and decide. Things seemed to go sideways after the pipeline shut down by President Biden. The demoncraps were the ones blaming the russians for all our woes.

    Just 3 weeks after invasion our President start the Putin price hike shtick.
    Biden blames Putin and his Ukraine war for the inflation rate and high gas prices. He won't succeed.
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  15. Inflation is a world wide problem because EVERY government spent like drunk sailors during covid.

    Yes Biden is to blame, but so is every other leader too.

    We stopped production, gave everyone money, and then become shocked when inflation skyrocketed. The writing was on the wall 2 years ago and everyone ignored it.

    A study came out showing the average salary in Canada actually went up in 2020 due to all the government handouts. Pretty fucking nuts. I assume a lot of countries have similar results.

    Why Canadian income rose during Covid | Investment Executive
    Median after-tax income in Canada rose 7.1% in 2020 — but Canadians made 3.3% less than in 2019 if you don’t factor in Covid benefits, Statistics Canada reported in the 2020 Canadian Income Survey released Wednesday.
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  16. Sure, inflation is in most places. It's the liberals around the world who engineered our responses to Covid and mocked or canceled those who spoke against them so it's still their fault. Trump fucked up by following the advice of America's liberal infested agencies.
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  17. Inflation began as soon as Trump shut down the country for the 15 days to flatten the curve. He then signed the largest spending bill in history at the time - 2.2 trillion. He did nothing to enforce our 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble - this allowed blue states to shut down local business. Fiscally this made him more liberal than Obama.

    The Biden administration continued the policy of pissing away our national treasure. They are creating a situation where most of the world is trying to figure out how to walk away from the dollar. The dollar cannot exist if there is to be a Great Reset. The new prime minister of the UK just announced that the G7 is working on a CBDC. Central banks around the world are stacking gold at levels not seen since 1967 - back then they knew the US was about to remove the dollar from the gold standard.

    Gold and silver is heading East particularly China and India. They understand the pain and suffering caused from a collapsing currency. The dots are not hard to connect.

    How the United States is exporting inflation to other countries
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  18. wall

    Every article I read is saying about the same. I do agree with you that a housing crash is likely or already here.
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