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  1. See poll. :)

    As usual.
  2. I don't know infinity to be true.
  3. both, absolute potential

  4. Yes, but having to choose... ?
  5. (this might get me flamed but im just winging it here)
    if we cant measure it, then how can we know its there?
  6. What do you have to measure to know it's there?

    How could you measure measurement to know it is there? Don't we just go with our gut feeling (intuition) at times?

  7. Why we need to measure something?
    Measuring is useless unless you're building something.

    Explain more, BK. Not enough information.

  8. What should I be explaining? If you explain more about what I should explain more about, maybe we can get somewhere... :p
  9. *chuckle*

    Potential infinity?

    I'm sure its abolute infinity but potential? :confused:

  10. The potential for there to be infinity, I suppose?

    Or the absolute existence of infinity...
  11. I don't know what I would answer with.

    I guess we'd have to start with trying to comprehend the infinite first.
  12. in terms of space;

    people say its infinite, but what if its just a billion of zillion of frillion light years long. we never know because if we tried to send out some sort of probe we'd be long gone be for we heard back from it.
    idk stuff that like is what makes me lean toward potential:confused::hide:

    and i was just saying measure, not like length.. like units. just so we'd know that its absolute
  13. Well you can't measure something that is infinite though.
  14. You think I won't notice a thread titled 'Infinity' in my usercp? :mad:

    Absolute. Everywhere. All the time. Even if it's not.
  15. i dig this post is 222:)

    that's what i would say as well, but if i had to choose between the two i would say potential, my reason being that absolute carries a sense of eventual completion, and i'm trying to leave room for new ideas simply because i'm not sure if there are any. it doesn't really matter, there is still a lot that's new to me, unless i simply forgot lol.

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