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  1. Can something that is truly infinite be created, or must it always exist?
  2. it depends. that which is ifinite is subject to no limitation, but that doesnt mean its subject to no beginning.
  3. this is my belief...

    God is infinite (eternal). He was not created, but has always been.

    that pretty much answers the question for me personally.
  4. nothing can be created that is infinite, mainly because there is no way to proove that it is truly infinte, the same way that anything claiming to use "perpetual motion" cannot be patented, because it cannot be proved.
  5. Nothing is infinite or perpetual, except time... and time is just a thought process. So really then, is thought the only perpetual existance?

  6. Think about what you said. Time is but a thought process of the human mind, when/if humans are to become extinct time is irrelevant and is ultimately vaniqushed along with humans.

    As for infinity, it cannot be known within itself. Like pheignux said, inifinity has no limitation, but the human mind's concept of infinity holds many limitations. You can label it or define it to make sense of it but that just narrows the possibilities of an infinite possible phenomena.

    Of course this is all in theory, since infinity doesn't really mean anything, nor does it really exist. It's all in your head.
  7. Great thoughts Vicious!

    The 'concept' is a hard problem to begin with... Truly infinite isn't even a subject, it is not an it, so it's extremely hard to form any rational thought about something that is not something but everything and even that isn't a proper definition; because everything assumes there is a finite number of "things".

    Truly infinite has no definition- and that, my friend is the best definition you can form!

    It's like how do you represent nothing? LOL :cool: You don't. ;)
  8. Kinda what i was getting at. I was going to explain later when someone asked about extinction(which i saw as inevitable in this topic)... sort of a loaded response... but no... you had to rain on my parade. lol:p
  9. Can something infinite be created? Good question.

    It's like, 1.999999999...etc. repeating on forever is infinite, however 1.99999999 repeating on forever also equals 2. The number 2 is infinite only in that it is constant even when it's not being used. So I don't know, good question.
  10. Indeed it is a good question, but sadly its one that can never be answered. No matter how great our minds become, or the minds of other beings become, we will always have certain limitations within this Universe. Something that has limitations cannot fully understand that which does not.

    I guess another interesting question would be:

    Can something that was once finite become infinite?
  11. Why not just drop the God label and refer to it as the Universe?
  12. i dont know for sure if the universe is infinite or not. i do, however, know that God is.
  13. source?
  14. That's why the "god answer" is so convenient. It's the cop-out answer because for some reason any answer involving god just automatically excuses you from providing any logic, reason, or evidence.
  15. It could be both with a good enough illusion behind it; which is what I think reality/the universe is- created boundaries on infinity.

    Something that is finite could realize it is what is creating the boundaries on everything, even itself- knowing it is truly infinite but by some miracle doesn't have to feel that way all the time.

    Could be both at the same time LOL the kicker would be we would be able to even tell because infinity is the very thing we are trying to cover up if that is true. :smoking:

    Let us pray we don't find the answer, if the answer is something we hid for our own good :D
  16. In mathematics a series or function, etc can go to infinity, however there is no line or anything when something finally becomes infinite.
    for example if you have series A that is infinite, 2A is also infinite, and you can say it reaches infinty twice as fast, but there is no real since infinity isnt a real number) place where infinity is reached
    Interestingly tho, if series A is infinite, A/2 may not be, it may converge onto an actual number

    But in reality nothing can become infinite because infinity isnt real, it isnt quantifiable.

    Infinity is such a difficult concept
    there are an infinite number of numbers from (0, inf.) likewise there are an infinate number of numbers from (0,1) and from 1.1 to 1.000001.
  17. the Bible.

  18. Nothing suggests that the concept of a God is logical...

    I could say that your "god answer" claim is also a "cop-out" of a valid response to the assessment that every aspect of what we know as life has to abide by our definition of logic.
  19. cat in the hat is just as good as a reference. i need a source of facts, not a source of fiction.
  20. ok grasscity, skywalker's back...

    and my answer to your question is that everything is infinite. reason: consider a length of five meters. divide it by five and you have one meter. divide each meter by five again, etc.. at the end of say, a billion of those divisions, the final divisions will be so ridiculously small that they could be rounded off to zero. but there's no way they can actually be equal to zero, because they will all add up to five meters, no matter how many times you keep dividing them...

    i'm saying the concept of infinity is all around us, and it doesnt need to mean the space between the ends of the universe... the space in between a millimeter is infinite because it can be divided into an infinite number of parts.. you dig?

    the only way what i'm saying can be wrong is if quantum physics or somthing says that the universe has a limit to the number of times something can be divided - like after two billion divisions you end up in some kind of pixel space that cant be reduced any more. then the universe can be expected to be finite. but thats highly unlikely

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