Infinity and The "Trinity"

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  1. Open discussion to how you feel about Views of the Universe, Infinity, christianity and the "Trinity, 3 in 1." Well, I'd like to start off by saying I know both of these views, I went to a christian private school for 5 years and now am the total opposite which I believe in as infinity.

    Ok, Yes I know theres a "Creater" who created us all and the universe. But what I don't think is that the "trinity is the one". First off why would there be God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, the 3 in 1 when theres Infinity in one. Second, why waste time going to church when you could be out in the real world doing much more than "praising god, socializing with christians" and when you could be doing Anything and Everything. I mean it doesn't say in the Bible, The Brain is limitless and Anything and Everything is possible, Infinity X Infinity is the key. But yet "Jesus" talks in parables and other words. I mean think were the only planet that had "the bible" and that were suppose to tell Infinity Planets about how great "God" is when he doesn't say everything in the Bible or even says Infinite Words or close too.

    Don't be talking down or any non sense which is useless...:rolleyes:

    But rather discuss in a proper manner... I do...

  2. Let me start off by saying this: I have not read anything on the Infinity X dealy, so if there is an explanation from this theory which will answer any question or statements I make in this post, please let me know. I don't wish to combat you, I only wish to discuss :)

    The whole Trinity thing, I'm sure there is something that is either being held back from the people, or that has been lost over time. The trinity must represent something. But in regards to "Infinity in one"; Consider a prism with a beam of intense light shining upon it. The prism will divide it into an assortment of colors in the full spectrum of light we can see (and that we can't see). There really is no division between the colors, they are all part of the light source, just perceived in a different manner. Maybe the missing link is how to go from the divided state into the one/source state? I don't know, just raising questions.

    The 'brain' is very powerful. But most people don't use it efficiently, and this is a byproduct of our lifestyles, choices of society. I think spending time on one owns thought processes, in an objective and honest state, is imperative to this matter of spirituality. We've been given something very awesome, and we use it for atrocities. Overcoming that obstacle would be a powerful use of the 'brain'.

    "Mind over matter"

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