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  1. Thinking about getting one. Anyone here drive one? do they drive nice? how do they compare to Audi's?
  2. personally i wouldnt get one maybe if you want something to just ride smooth or whatever but i wouldnt get one if i wanted something fast my friend has a civic si and he beat it in a race like 10 times in a row G35 was automatic but i would get an audi over a infiniti anyday
  3. I hope your not high right now, because what you just typed made no god damn sense...Your friend has a 197hp car and your comparing it to a car with 305 I understand that it might weigh less, probably around 600 pounds but that still doesn't make up for the HP difference.

    I personally own a 2nd generation G35 sedan and I would recommend it to anyone. I love my car and would prefer it to a comparable Audi any day of the week. Also the G has a longer warranty.:smoking:
  4. G's are pretty nice, I'd get a used coupe if I had a choice
  5. Naw don't fuck around with a coupe, just get a 6mt sedan and call it a day
  6. The VQ35DE is one of the best six cylinders ever made. My friend is borrowing his dad's G35 sedan right now and that thing is a torque monster... handling is good too.
  7. If you ask me I'd take an AUdi over an infiniti for the price.
  8. buddy of mine just got an 04 g35 sedan and its pretty quick, a really nice car.

    either way i don't think you could go wrong, audi and infiniti both make quality cars.

    however, i'd get an audi... just because you don't see as many of those (at least around here)
  9. Have you looked at a bmw 3 series?
  10. Get one, they are basically the american Skylines!

    Make sure to get a manual sport model.
  11. Gotta have a warranty if you get one of these... BMW's aren't known for their reliability.
  12. Eh, not quite. Even though they call them Skylines in Japan the chassis is shared by the 350Z, which makes it more of a luxury Z-car than an actual AWD monster Skyline.

  13. That does'nt make sense,I thought the germans made excellent cars...
  14. BMW's have finicky electronics and a bunch of random shit that goes wrong... good cars though.
  15. yes i am high right now, i have the videos i recorded them I KNOW THE HONDA SHOULDNT HAVE BEAT IT UP AND DOWN THE STREET but the infiniti was automatic the driver cant drive but it was a race the infiniti driver floored it and my friend with the si can drive so yeah like 10 times in a row just sayin not that fast....just givin my experience with infinties, it does have better top end thats about it

  16. Oh I see,well as long as the damn thing moves I'm good lulz:D

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