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  1. I was afraid wouldn't reach this day but here I am. As reassuring this may sound be I quit weed all together, I'm going cold turkey from this day on. Many may criticize me but in fact I'm am advocate for marijuana. In fact I use to love it. But due to some bad fortunes I can't seem to be able to enjoy weed how many others can. I love the saying don't drink to feel better but drink tk feel even better. This applys to Mary Jane her self as well. And that was my problem I started off as using weed as an escape goat and still do. Although at first. It worked for me as I was high as a sky. Which is why even though I don't enjoy it I always crave water I had before hoping that I would just chill the f*ck out. Some times every blue moon I do. And now I don't even get high. Plus I've noticed a great amount t on my perception of life. If you've gotten this far thanks for reading but this is really more for my self because I gave my self my word to quit for at least a while I'm talking several months. And if I can't that that also shows I can't even stand for what I believe in which is keeping my own word when it comes to this.
    Thanks a lot in advance just cause I love GC.

    (if you wana read)
    My problem btw is this anxiety that my heart is going insanely fast- which now I'm ok with - along with this pain in my chest. I've seen many doctors and gotten many test and doctors say I'm fine. Although even when I'm sober even after like 3 day I get chest pain in the right side. Btw I don't smoke a lot cause I can't. Before I was average now I'm soft. And I get pretty high based on how much anxiety I have.

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  2. Sorry for the long post.

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  3. Idk what this is
  4. Sounds like you have a bad case of anxiety.. weed makes it better/worse for different people.  I'd suggest finding ways to deal with your issues without weed first then if all is solved slowly enjoy it again.
  5. I'm sure you can quit for a while, no problems. It's not like you'll break out in sweats and stuff. Goodluck, but I'm sure you won't need it. I'm pretty positive you can do it dude.
    Smoking weed isn't for everybody. If you don't enjoy it, well hell, that's nothing to be ashamed of. 
    Don't feel forced to toke if you don't enjoy it man. Be your own person. Do what you enjoy. 
    Hope your anxiety goes away though.
  6. Thanks a lot man. I really think I should just wait a bit cause to be honest lately I think I've been having depression and I feel like I should o ly smoke when I'm back to normal. Hope that's soon enough cause to be honest I love weed and every thing about it. The smell of some nice dank. The bubbling of a nice bong hit. The shine of some crystal bud. :{ Sigh. Guess you got to do what you got to do.
  7. escape goat

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