Infinite knowlege and the human brain

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  1. Apart from if you were brain damaged or have some kind of mental impairment, I dont think that it is possible for your brain to not accept knowlege. I believe that the human brain could possibly possess the potential to just absorb infinite masses of data.

    I dont think that the brain at its current human capacity, only about 10%, could manage having infinite wisdom and knowlege of everything in existence in their brain all at once. But what if we were to use 100% of the power the brain has? Pretty much, think about everything we know as human beings, and multiply it by infinity.

    I dunno if this made sense or not, I'm pretty baked. Just felt like thinking philisophically:smoke:
  2. You noted 10% as having a limit and when you make that sort of barrier in the sense that that 10% is not able to aquire infinite knowledge then it would be technically impossible for the 100% remaining to do the same. Of course this is assuming the remaining 90% is utilized in the same fashion as the 10% you mentioned.
  3. The 10% thing is a myth.
  4. Not that I am a scientist of anything, buuuuut, I believe the brain works at 100% capacity, but our brain is only designed to take in and perceive a small percentage of all the available information around us. Ie: We only see a certain spectrum of light, while there are many kinds that we do not see, and in some cases do not interact with us in any capacity. We can hear only a certain frequency of sound. This is exmplified by the dog whistle quite nicely. So on and so forth.
  5. I am a bachelor scientist (like batman), so I can concur. :D
  6. not really a myth...just not so black and white as percentages

    i mean, we are not using the capacity of our brain. Think about things that very few of the population experience, religious experiences, astral projection, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, tripping and how you experience things from your subconscious, hypnosis, the fact that we can only perceive a very very tiny spectrum of frequencies so there's probably entities that are invisible to us but are living on your shoulder and stuff.

    Imagine if all that and the stuff I am not thinking about became as standard to us as our conscious mind is now. Maybe then we'd be pushing our hardware to the limit

  7. This is an interesting point to consider.

  8. the fact that we cannot see certain light spectrums, etc. is because the human body was built that way. there is no need for us to hear those specific frequencies of sound, but the fact that we have developed technology that can detect it, makes me think...before said technology was invented and those discoveries were made, we had no use for them. But as we evolved, we got smarter and created the technology to detect it, and we now use things like infared rays everyday.

    Looking at things like that, it makes me believe that there is a cornucopia of things in the universe that we have YET to discover, and with evolution, we will come upon these things. Also, i believe our brains will continue to evolve with time and we will continue to use them more and more efficiently :D

    this just makes me wonder...what will the human mind be capable of in a billion years? (if we were to survive that long) or maybe it's more of a question of what our technology will be capable of, will it be more developed then our slowly evolving minds?

    ah, this topic has reeled me into a slew of philosophic questions :hello:
  9. If i could have only 1 wish and couldn't wish for more wishes, i'd wish to know the answer/response to every question imagineable without going insane.

    cuz u figure then you know mad shit, u know how to make billions of dollars, u know how to hook up with the most beautiful girls, anything you want to do you know how to do it aside from things that are impossible by the laws of physics, such as having super powers. and even then you'd probably know how to do some shit that seems impossible from sciences point of view since science hasn't figured it out yet.

    it would be fuckin AWESOME!:eek:
  10. Our brains have lines in them (the creases/folds what ever you call them) because they can store more information that way. Bird brains and dumb animals have brains that are just round and less -> no lines/folds because they don't store as much intelligence. There is no way we would have so much extra space in our brains if we didn't use it (or dumb animals use minimalist knowledge).

    It would firstly be a burden, especially if you didn't believe in a higher being and there would be no mystery to life. There would be no fun to knowing everything and you would sit on your ass all day thinking how stupid every one else is.
  11. ive done alot of blazed out thinking about this sort of stuff.
    the way i started to see it was; potentiality or brains are capable of so much more beyond our physical limitations. dont take my words too strictly, im not talking about floating brains or anything like that
    the best way i can explain it is space travel.
    as of right now, beyond our moon, exploring past that as of right now seems maybe not impossible but diffidently unattainable at this point.
    theres no question in my mind that there is a way to travel so say Venus, but because of our physical limitations we are thinking only what we as human beings are capible
    i bet it is completly possible to figure out and master space travel. but actually traveling to Venus might not work because of whatever reason we as humans cant handle the gravity, or time.

    its really hard for me to type this out for even me to understand.

    i guess what im saying is when you stop thinking in such a way that you assume what is real is whats right in front of you, and accept the possibility that there is more to everything that we do not yet understand
  12. Limits... we have them. Recognizing them is a step toward wisdom.
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    dude, in 100,000 years. There is white mage, red mage, black mage and so forth. (its like RPG) yeah, its true. I travel through time and somehow ended up here in 2009.
    oh and we get to live up to 200 years old.

    There is no such thing as space travel. There is no space boats or whatever you guys called it. you use your mind to get where you wanted to go.
  14. Just want to point out that, unless the brain/mind somehow violates the laws of physics, there's an upper bound to the amount of information which can be contained in the space that your brain takes up. Before you reached that point, I'm sure you would know practically everything worth knowing, but our knowledge could never be actually infinite. Unless the brain has some fancy quantum tunnels or ghost-souls or magical powers or whatever.

    I don't fully understand the science behind the upper bound, but it has something to do with black holes and holograms and it blows my mind.
  15. yea we use more than 10% of our brain. we just average about 10% at a time!

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