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  1. Hello, blades!
    I happened to stumble upon Infectualize's High-Pod grow in the IC-Mag forum and he had amazing results. In a 44 gallon Rubbermaid he pulled 5 oz. off one plant. I am interested in creating a grow-pod based heavily on his. And for those that are curious here is a short photo album that someone from reddit created that summarized Infectualize's grow:

    and his grow journal:
    "the high-pod" - Micro Grows - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    He used 6 65w 4100k PL-L lights in a 44 gal trash can (2' x 2' x 32") and I was wondering if using 4 50w 4100k lights in a 32 gallon brute trash can (20"x 20" x 29") would provide enough light to achieve similar success and sidebranching as he did.
    I was also wondering if anyone here has used a Solar & Palau Td-100 fan and knows how loud it is and whether it can handle high resistance to airflow (carbon filter and neg. pressure).
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