Infected Mushroom

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  1. For anyone that likes trance, techno, or electrona, let me tell you that Infected Mushroom is just completely and utterly ridiculous.

    Songs to download -

    Disco Mushroom

    Viciuous Delicious (Best come up of any techno song I've EVER heard... it's just fucking ridiculous.........)


    Nothing comes easy


    Converting Vegetarians

    Their best CD IMO is Classical Mushroom, every song on it is amazing.... 3- the end are my favorite though....

    Just letting you guys know about the best trance out there.
  2. Converting Vegetarians disc 2 is my fave :) Infected Mushroom rules! If you like them, check out Shpongle.
  3. The only one I own is Vicious Delicious, I love it though.
  4. Sphongle I like, IM not what they used to be.....they are an electronic band with shitty vocals if you hear them live.
  5. Dude.... try "Mushi Mushi", that song is fucking amazing. But I'm gonna check out some of the ones posted above.
  6. I heard Infected Mushroom for the first time this summer. I've never been a techno fan really, but this shit is wicked! I love the songs Blue Muppet and Trippy Shit. Both bomb songs.
  7. download their 4 gig discography...

    IM The Supervisor is great.

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