infected mushroom makes me...

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  1. want to roll balls. id probably only try ex at a rave or something like that but itd just be fun to have this infected mushroom playing real loud and have like five bitches over, turn the lights off and dance with glowsticks lol
  2. do E. you wont regret it. just be sure to get clean pills a test kit is recommended, imo E is only worth doing if u can get quality rolls with little/no adulterants
  3. thank you for reminding me of infected mushroom! great music to listen to for tonight cause im speedin
  4. Yeah I've seen them twice, once while rolling and once on acid.

    Both highly recommended.

  5. dude go to a fucking rave
  6. Infected mushroom are my favourite band, got all their albums :)
  7. Do e. And you don't have to do it at a rave, it's just as fun anywhere else.
  8. I disagree

    A rave is the absolute perfect environment to roll. Nothing can beat it, everything you need to enhance your roll is at a rave. Music, lights, and a lot of other people rolling. Its the most ideal place to roll.

    But would you still have a good time rolling outside a rave? FUCK yes
  9. hell yeah man, I saw them rolling balls too and it was a spiritual experience. :yay:
  10. saw em in Denver at a club and they fuckin OWNED!!
    took me to another level!
    especially after an ampy pill & a molly pill! :D
  11. Ehh you all were on drugs when you saw them live, that's why you think it was good. There are way better psytrance artists out there if you take a look. They rarely perform psytrance anyways, they've been a horrible electronic-band thing for the last few years.
  12. Thats your opinion, not everyone elses.
  13. They don't perform most of their psytrance live because it's not really the right atmosphere for everyone to just lay down and trip balls and travel into their own psyches. People want to be social at shows, not off in their own little world. That should be obvious.

    Who are these psytrance acts that are so much better then? I'm pretty well acquainted with electronica and psytrance in particular and IM are some of the greatest, hands down.
  14. I'm new to this type of music whats a good psytrance song?
  15. 1200 Micrograms:hello::hello::hello:
  16. you know what music makes me want to bomb?

    crystal castles. yeaaah.
    infected mushroom is awesome too though.
  17. Oh really? It's obvious? Then why do they play e-tard music aka epic trance at these events?:poke:
    1200 micrograms, Astrix, Astral Projection...that's just the beginning of the alphabet and they're already a hundred times better than infected mushroom.

    You guys talk about it being spiritual...Shpongle is much more deep and spiritual. There are too many psytrance DJs out there to name with more talent than infected mushroom. Have you ever heard that Israeli guy sing? It's like someone's choking a cat, it's really bad.

    Anyone challenging the fact that Infected Mushroom is horrible live, please go see them live and remain sober the entire set. Then you may have your say, until then my word is law.
  18. ew scene
    You like DJ Paparazzi too?
  19. This is all opinion (and I assure you, an opinion that most people don't share) so it's hardly worth it to argue over.

    However, I will offer my opinion and then be done. All of those acts you listed, with the exception of Shpongle, make music that sounds pretty much just like old IM. IM has moved on and branched out to explore incorporating other genres into their music. If you don't like it fine, but that's simply a matter of taste.

    They put on a better and more energetic performance than 90% of big trance acts and that makes them good in my book.
  20. Ummm dude. In your opinion, not everyone elses.

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