Infect My Mushroom.

Discussion in 'General' started by RedSorcerer, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Just thought I'd share a new graphic I designed with you guys =], I'm not very good, but lemme know what you think anyway =]

  2. I take it nobody likes my pwetty picture? =[
  3. I dont, sorry.. it looks like something my little brother would throw together in about 30 seconds with photoshop or paint.

    Idk, there is way to much going on.. with absolutely no harmony. its wayyy to blocky.

    dont take this personally, just giving feedback.
  4. No, no, the feedback is much appreciated =]
    Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll be sure to take this into consideration next time.
  5. Yeah man, just improve the flow.. it looks like a collage with no flow to it.. like you just kinda copy and pasted shit, you know?
  6. Yeah, I feel ya bro, thanks a lot.
  7. just delete everything except the mushroom it's self.
  8. Try to make the chick look more human next time, like dont cut her up.....
  9. i dunno guys i kinda like it. the chick probably needs to be a little bit more fluid (more human looking), but i think it's a sick image

    thanks for sharing :)
  10. the chick kinda freaks me out. the way her hip bone looks while shes holding her leg.. it just looks a little odd, but its a cool concept.
  11. IS that a giant penis?
  12. I like it its awesome
  13. Haha, well for the very few of you who did say you liked it, let me know what you think of this one...I made it around the same time...
  14. the first one doesn't have any kind of flow or anything to it. the last one looks much better, even thought i don't know who that guy is.
  15. Haha, that was just a little personal graphic.
    In other words, that would be my humble self in the picture =]
    Here's another one I JUST made, and after this, I'll stop bombarding you all for the night =]


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