Infamous Second Son Set In Seattle

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  1. Infamous 2nd Son, an open world  action adventure game, and  will be set in Seattle.  It is the 3rd main game in the Infamous series.

      I was jus thinking the other day of how cool it would be to live in a city where an open world game is the setting.   ex. Los Santos  aka Los Angeles in GTA V   
    Since I live right in  downtown Seattle this will be cool to play the game and notice some familiarity of the landmarks, people, and environment.  
        Maybe the main protagonist, Delsin Rowe, will have a stoner sidekick. :smoke:   They have got to put some pot references in the game as Washington is one of the two states to LEGALIZE recreational cannabis.  Also the home of one of the world's largest<sup> </sup> annual gathering of potheads, Seattle Hempfest!
      I never played the first Infamous but dug the 2nd set in a flooded  New Orleans-esque city.
    Don't believe there ever has ever been a  video game set in Seattle, might be wrong tho.

  2. I just bought Infamous for my PS3,The plot was pretty good.The game was atleast 9/10.Hoping to see some gameplay on this game and Im pretty sure there has been a open-world on Seattle I dont remember the game though
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    possible landmarks  that might be in Infamous 2nd son (pics Ive taken)
    Seattle PI globe
    Seattle library
    Farmers Market
    Post Alley
    Ferris Wheel located on the waterfront
    Smith Tower at 506 2nd Avenue in Pioneer Square. When it was completed in 1914, this historic building was the tallest building on the West Coast.
    Columbia Tower (Bank of America)
    Gameplay looks okay....not  highly anticipating this game but will prolly eventually  get it when I purchase a PS4.  Mainly because it is set in Seattle and I had fun playing Infamous 2. 

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    This thread has some serious alliteration going for it.
    Would be cool to visit the places you know with superpowers, no consequences etc, I want some games based in London, is that so much to ask?

    Also I wish they hadn't given the infamous guy that stupid hand-shooting thing. If you're gonna give him a projectile like that just give him a gun.

    Also also, I'm hoping to see the KACL Studios in infamous second son
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    Definitely!  There are supposed to be adding many small details to the cityscape to really make you feel like in Seattle.  destructible environments that can be taken out by your superpowers
    Would love to see GTA set in London/Manchester and see Rockstar North do a parody of a famous British city.  Maybe its not marketable, but I think they have alot to draw from.  A European GTA would be awesome.
    there is an independent(indie) radio station here in Seattle called  KEXP.  Would be cool to hear songs/news from a station like this when playing the game.
    Here is another possible landmark/statue. (not my pic)
    [​IMG] A statue of the rock legend Jimi Hendrix located near downtown Seattle.
  6. Seconds sons graphics are so beast :eek:
    for a console that is...
  7. I'm hoping they do something innovative this time. the original was dope when it came out but the second one definitely lacked re-play value.
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        I have yet to finish the 2nd one, should dust off my copy and give it a go.  Only replay value I can think of would be to go back and play as evil this time and gain the fire powers.  There wasnt a whole lot to do besides the main quest.   IMO, the lackluster side missions felt repetitive. Would hope they have included more diverse enemies, interior spaces, and a greater variety of missions etc.
           I did enjoy battling the big monsters and found the combat and character movement was fluid and fun to play. Cole was a master @ parkour and free climbing.
          I imagine they will include Pioneer Square in the game, a historical site where the founders settled in 1852. some pics from the square
    Picture below
    Safeco Field (home of the Mariners), Century Link Field (Seahawks/ Sounder FC), the crumbling viaduct,  Ferris wheel, and Mt. Rainier is barely visible. Would love to climb the ferris wheel in the game and check out the view! :)

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