inFAMOUS second son a copy of prototype 2?

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    well i was watching the preview for infamous and alot of his powers look just like the powers the main character in prototype 2 had , i just finished that game and its pretty awesome , and im looking forward to infamous but , they look soo similar , what do you think?
    maybe im just being weird

  3. das not da topic of my thread nigga (shoots kneecaps)
  4. I'm looking forward to this game.  I really enjoyed the Prototype games, and I like these types of games in general (open world badass protagonist).  
    I didn't own a PS3 last gen so I didn't get into the series.  I hear it's a much better version of Prototype though which seems great. No doubt there are similarities as you pointed out.
  5. Idk but infamous was already a rip pff of prototype to begin with

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  6. Damb gurl chill. Teh interweb is gonna interweb

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  7. glad i wasnt trippin , definitely saw some similarities 
  8. How does that work if Infamous came out a bit before Prototype..
  9. Thats meaningless.
    Just like how warhammer online wasnt a rip off of wow. Wow was a rip off of warhammer.

    Happens all the time
    Games are mostly finished for a while.before release
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  10. But Warhammer online came out after WoW...
    What are these Devs sending in spies to steal top secret info on a game before it releases, while also managing to release the game of their own before the primary company does? haha come on man.
  11. Didnt you read anything a out warhammer online? It was a big scandle.

    "Why does warhammer"
    "Well actually wow looks like.warhammer"
    You dont think industrial espionogue is a real thing?

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    I didn't say it isn't a real thing, but you're using what we call anecdotal evidence.
     "Well this did happen with Wow, it's very possible it could of happened with Infamous."
    Um, what? Unless you have some kind of proof to back this up then you're just making a baseless assumption.
  13. Yeah...except that inFAMOUS was released a month earlier and was a zillion times better. This is blasphemy to accuse the true genius of inFAMOUS of stealing from that wannabe copycat Prototype!
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  15. Saints row 4 had some elements of prototype 2, between those 2 games, the original prototype and crack down for the 360 i really have no desire to check this game out. 
  16. no matter what you play on your still playing a game lul
    Unless this game actually delivers some originality, im looking for my most wanted playstation 4 games right now, since i dont have many on the list i may just check this out for the hell of it but def. not until the reviews start coming out.
    from what ive seen from the story and game play rather than engaging the force chasing you they will chase you down regardless of your actions, that sounds rather fun however obviously with a story line like that the powers that you get are gonna be coming fast and hard and if theyre actually sculpted by the actions you perform with said powers that would be pretty dope however they always say this shit and it never is exactly what theyre saying, if this game delivers all its supposed to in the fashion they are saying it will its gonna be worth picking up however i have my doubts, i watched my friend play the first infamous to be honest didnt look all that fun but hey, if they keep with the theme of your powers interacting with your environment i think that would be pretty cool. 
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    At first I thought this was going to be one of those pointless threads were people liked to say that Game ripped this one off,but anyways I just looked at Prototype 2 gameplay and they are totally different.
  19. Didn't enjoy the second inFamous, didn't finish either of them. I might love gaming but ain't all that good at it. Barely finished GTA... Anyway, that being said I am really looking forward to Second Son. 

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