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Inexperienced Toker gifted with a huge bag of stems/stalks...what to do with them?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TokedTurtle, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hi there. I've only been smoking for a couple years now and my experience with any non-flower forms of cannabis is very limited. I've dabbed a couple times with friends, had a bite of some ganja fudge, attempted brownies a couple times, but that's it. 
    A stoney friend of mine that grows had been saving his stems/stalks for over a year and was going to sell them to a friend that was making beer but decided to give the bag to me instead. I got a huge heavy duty contractor's trash bag full of this stuff (see pic.) My boyfriend and I went through it and grabbed all the shake/kief from the bottom, ground it up in a food processor and have just been smoking it like that. Got a little over 2 ounces from the bag. 
    Anyways, now we had to figure out what to do with the stems. I took a couple handful of the smaller pieces for making some iso hash but I need some ideas for the rest of the stuff. 
    Keep in mind I live in NY state so I have to be careful legally (trying to avoid driving around town with this stuff.) Also, I live in a studio apartment so my resources are very limited. 
    Thanks.  :lol:

  2. Ha that's crazy.

  3. lol why?
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    make lots of butter

  5. Im sure there is some medicinal usage for stems but not much. Mine go in the compost.

    I always viewed anyone that desperate to make something from stems as an addict. No other justification makes sense to me to go through the effort to suck whatever youre trying to suck from the stems to get high. Theres just not much there. Youll get more thc/cbd out of a dime bag of dirt weed than a bag of stems.

    I even made a funny cartoon here once to show a burnt out guy going to his last option, stems. It was pretty funny. Not judging you, but i think your time could be better spent elsewhere. How about growing a plant? I can help with you with that.
  6. I'm no expert but, couldn't you put those in boiling water and make some kind of stoner's tea ?
  7. Not without a fat soluble substance to absorb what gets released by the heat and water.
  8. I think the tea is the best idea.  Maybe use a little milk, cream  or coconut oil or something in there.
  9. Yep thatll do it, :)
  10. You could us them to make a small amount of Qwiso very easily.
  11. i've already made two batches. lol. looking for other ideas. 
  12. i have other (smokable) weed....i'm not doing this out of desperation. just had an opportunity to have this trim bag for free and had some free time to mess around with it. 
  13. Your username is seriously Epic :smoke:

    Tokedturtle, hehe, so cool :)
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    What did you say when you got all those stems?
    Was it?
    Can I get some weed? 
    I would give them back and not waste my time. But maybe you have the time and it is worth it for you.
  15. Stems make gross oil, I doubt there's much medicinal value.
  16. Buy butter(lots).  Put butter and stems in slow cooker for 4 hours, stirring often.  Strain and use butter in any recipe calling for butter.
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    I would of told him to take out his own trash

    Especially in an illegal state. And in a studio. Too much trouble imho.
  18. From my understanding, they were able to pick 2oz's of "shake and kief" out of it. The OP was then asking what to do with the stems. Like everyone else said... trash 'em. There's not enough in the stems to make it worth your while.
    Dude my grower friends would use the stems to make Oil and have another 10-20 grams of oil plus the harvest. That's just like a bonus on top of the other hard work you did to grow that weed.
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    One of my friends is from Bahamas
    He said make a tea
    I did.
    Do not boil water
    Once water is heated, remove from stove and add stems
    Steep like any tea
    I just had a cup and feel nice and relaxed

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