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Inexperienced smoker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by John101997, May 4, 2016.

  1. So me and like 6 of my buddies are going in on some bud. Very inexperienced smokers rarely do it maybe like once a month if that. We are going away to Colorado and wondering how much we should get we are trying to get some for 2 days of smoking. We wanna get High but not be so baked and become a zombie cause we will mostly be drinking and taking advantage of the bar and club scene trying to still be social and able to drink. Thanks !
  2. I'd suggest no weed. Newbie smokers usually don't have a good time when mixing weed and alcohol, especially if they think it's the weed that's the downer and the alcohol is the social stimulant.
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  3. It's
    going to be for more of the end of the night while we are winding down and mornings after a hangover. We just don't wanna be like to high from the morning or night before to not drink
  4. Going to Colorado I would just enjoy the smoke. I wouldn't even think about drinking but I don't drink anyway. Lightweights will be passed out by 6pm. Oh well. Remember you can drink anytime and anywhere you want. Might as well just stay home and get drunk. Have fun guys!
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  5. The best way to enjoy weed is in it's purest state...alone.
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  6. Yessir thankyou! Dont smoke dont drinkwhat do you do?? Smoke bud everyday!
  7. I don't use them but for newbies it's not too bad, I suggest you get a couple prerolled joints for your first night. I don't get them because they are basically shake which explains why a prerolled 1 gram joint is less than a g of the same strain in flowers. Plenty strong for anyone because there is a good dusting of kief so don't take it lightly.

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