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  1. Thought I might add this. This was my first grow room setup. I built it to flower my first plant. It is big enough to flower 2-3 plants if you use LST to control height.

    This is made from a wardrobe box from U-Haul. The box is very sturdy and you can mount the light fixtures through the cardboard. The lights in the box are used until the plants reach the bulbs, then you should switch to just the lights in the cover so you don't burn the leaf tips. (Learned the hard way).

    PC Fan mounted on lid to draw heat away from plant. Box is painted with KILZ. Tried aluminum foil but it created hotspots.

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  2. not bad, its functional. by no means stealth. id be a lil suspicious of a big box in the middle of the room with wires and lights sticking out of it. but if you dont have to worry about that sort of thing then its perfect. although im a lil worried about how fire safe that thing is.
  3. Good comments. All the connections are made inside junction boxes. And this is ONLY for CFLs.

    Any other lights would be too hot and may cause fire hazards.
  4. I mean, good job, I have never seen it pulled off in a cardboard box. I hope it produces huge buds. But if you get people on here to start doing that, I will find you, seriously. Junction boxes or not, I still feel it is unsafe, and definately not up to grower building code. I seriously mean you are doing wonderful, the plant looks healthy and all, but get you a wood box and make a transfer man.

    Growing your own pot....priceless
    Burning your pad down when you are not home + getting busted.....very fucking expensive.

    Now in no way am I bashing you, or putting you down, I just like to see safe operations that I would feel safe leaving the house. I would never leave the room if I had that in there. Way too scarry.
    My box is 95%-99% up to building code, and I still watch it like a hawk, and am afraid to leave the house for too long a time for a while, until I give it the seal of approval (which is close in time).
    Just be safe, build a box, and transfer, you have the rest of it down.
  5. All comments appreciated. And no offense taken. Especially after looking at Don Pianos CGE. It's amazing. I have setup a complete grow box based on shipping crates (5'x7' & 7' tall) I will post pictures tomorrow or Monday. Got the containers for $90.

    I just finished using the cardboard to mature and collect pollen from a male. I will be wiping it down with bleach and folding it up for storage. I plan to use it in the future to sex three - four plants at a time. That's another nice benefit, It almost folds flat for storage with the bulbs removed.

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